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Competition Rules
General rules

Competitions will be conducted according to EBU guidelines with the following exception: unless the rules for a particular competition specify otherwise, in the event of a tie in any competition based on match point scoring the first place will be awarded to the pair with the highest result by Butler scoring.

The following sections give extra rules for scoring particular competitions.




Handicapped Variety Pairs

Handicapped Variety Pairs Rules

The Handicapped Variety Pairs Competition runs from January to December. It will usually be played on the second Monday of each month - but watch the Club's calendar, as it could change. Each month the competition will be run as a one-winner event using either a Howell or a Scrambled Mitchell movement.

The Handicapped Variety Pairs will only be open to members with an NGS grading of 10 or less. Scores will count towards the Handicapped Variety Pairs for up to three results with the same partner and their nine best scores will be totalled to find the winner.  This means that members can become eligible for this competition by playing with only three different partners. Playing with a visitor or a non-member will not count.

The handicapping system is based on the English Bridge Union National Grading Scheme (NGS).  No matter what your ability, if you
play better than your past performance then you will get a good score.  It is hoped that this rule change will encourage more people to take an interest in the Variety Pairs.


Points will be awarded to pairs coming in the first 10 places with 10 points for the winners, 9 points for the runners up, 8 points for the third place and so on down to 1 point for tenth place. Half points will be awarded to tying pairs.

The winner of the Trophy will be the member who scores the highest total in the year taking into account their 9 best monthly scores.