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Competition Rules
Chairman's Salver

Pairs event on one night

Qualification for the John Harrison Trophy

    Pair with best average percentage over the club year up to and including the last Tuesday in July. Minimum playing sessions 15.

Barclays Bank Qualification
  • Pairs qualify through heats held in clubs. Only club members may qualify in a heat
  • Each club may hold one heat
  • The number of qualifiers is one third of the total entry (can be rounded up e.g. 14 pairs, 5 qualify)
  • If some of the qualifiers in the top third are ineligible or do not wish to play, additional players (up to the number of qualifiers) may qualify provided they achieved 50% of matchpoints in the heat
  • Double Master Points are to be issued for each heat
  • If a pair qualifies at more than one club, the earliest qualification counts and later qualifications are discounted

Prior entry single Handicapped Pairs Event - handicaps calculated from players' individual average % in pairs events over the year starting from the first pairs event after the previous years Rosebowl up to 2 weeks prior to the event and then averaged with partner to obtain pair %, which then gives the pair handicap as the difference from 50. The pair with the highest % on the night after handicaps are applied win the trophy but results before handicaps are applied determine Masterpoints and contribute to NGS.

Nita Dennis Trophy

Club Champion trophy - player with the highest average % in pairs events over the club year

Lewis Shield

Prior entry single event for teams of 4 scored on imps - players select their own teams

Jubilee Cup

3 session Pairs event: the highest two scores out of three are averaged, so each pair must play in at least 2 sessions.

Gallivanter Goblet

Prior entry Handicapped teams of 4 event scored on imps - highest scoring pair is teamed with lowest scoring pair and then working inwards from each end to derive other teams. Each player's average score over the year since the previous year's Gallivanter up to 2 weeks prior to the event is calculated and pair score is the average of the 2 players' scores. 

Devereux Cup

3 session Pairs event - average % of all 3 , so to qualify a pair must play in all 3