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Competition Winners
Information about Trophy Competitions
Information about Trophy Competitions
Tuesday and Thursday Trophies
There are separate Trophies for Tuesday and Thursday players. The competitions are organised as follows :
10 Trophy evenings are held on the first Tuesday and Thursday sessions of each month from October to July.
Any two members may compete as a pair, no substitute players being allowed. 
Results from these evenings are presented as percentages as usual.
Each pair’s best five percentages out of the ten possible sessions constitute their score in the competition.
Winners are identified at the end of July. The Trophies are presented at the AGM.
Members can track their progress on the Club Web-Site by looking in the results menu for the relevant competition.   
Handicap Competition  
The Handicap competition night is held twice a year as detailed below.
The competition is held on the second Tuesday in March and the second Thursday in September.
The results are presented as percentages as usual. 
The competition is based on a handicap being applied to the result obtained on the competition evening.
The Scorebridge software is used to determine the handicap based on scores recorded by the players over a six month period. For the Tuesday handicap, this is the period Sept-Feb. For the Thursday handicap, it is the period March-Aug. 
Visitors may play on competition nights but are not eligible to compete for the Trophy.
When possible, the Trophy is presented at the Annual General Meeting. 
Slammer of the Year
Small slams count as 1 point, Grand Slams count as 2 points. Slam points are totalled for all pairs over the period 1st October until end of July. The Slammers Trophy is awarded to the pair with the maximum Slam points.
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Elsie Smethurst Handicap Trophy

  Sep 2009 -  Audrey Jones and Margaret Metcalfe
Mar 2010 -  May Lloyd & Jackie Theeten Sep 2010 -  Brian and Ann Rankin 
Mar 2011 -  Noel Fletcher & Bill Jones Sep 2011 - Colin Appleton & John Macmillan
Mar 2012 -  Vera Clegg & Bill Jones Sep 2012 - Rosemary Elston & Val McIndoe
Mar 2013 -  Sue Sharpes & Harry Marlowe Sep 2013 - Pat & David Humphrey
Mar 2014 - Mavis Greenhalgh & Alison Hey Sep 2014 - Mike Trattles and Audrey Jones
Mar 2015 - Gary Brabander & Gerry Sharp  Sep 2015 - David & Liz Stananought 
Mar 2016 - Rita Simmons & Olga Davies Sep 2016 - David & Liz Stananought
Mar 2017 - Jan Feely & Jackie Theeten Sep 2017 - Tom Green & Pat Radley
Mar 2018 - Mike Trattles & Dave Ashton Sep 2018 - Mike Trattles & Tony Rudkin
Mar 2019 - Pat Arthur & Linda Bennett Sep 2019 -  Tom Green & Dave Ashton



O'Keefe-Wilson Trophy (Tuesdays)


2009 - Noel Fletcher and Bill Jones 2010 - Ken Watson and Betty O'Keefe
2011 - Margaret Metcalfe and Ellen Hobson 2012 - Vera Clegg and Bill Jones
2013 - John Macmillan and Colin Appleton 2014 - Audrey Jones and Margaret Metcalfe
2015 - John Macmillan and Colin Appleton 2016 - John Macmillan and Colin Appleton
2017 - John Macmillan and Colin Appleton 2018- John Macmillan and Colin Appleton
2019 - Jackie Theeten and John Macmillan  



Elizabeth Jones Trophy (Thursdays)


2009 - Audrey Jones and Barbara Jones 2010 - Audrey Jones and Barbara Jones
2011 - Rosemary Elston and Val McIndoe 2012 - Colin Appleton and John Macmillan
2013 - Colin Appleton and John Macmillan 2014 - Margaret Metcalfe and Audrey Jones
2015 - Colin Appleton and John Macmillan 2016 - Colin Appleton and John Macmillan
2017 - Lizzie Roach and Jackie Theeten 2018 - Colin Appleton and John Macmillan
2019 -  Lizzie Roach and Jackie Theeten  


Slammer of the year Trophy

2017/2018 - Dave Ashton & Tom Green  
2018/2019 - Dave Ashton & Tom Green  



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