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Beauchief Bridge Club Happenings

  Mince Pie Night  

A smal but enjoyable Mince Pie Night was held on 20th December 2021. 

Kevin, from the Norton House Country Club, kindly supplied delicious refreshements.

  History of Norton House  

1623       Built by Morewood of Oaks Parks.

1626       Occupied by Leonard Sill who owned a Lead Mill at Totley and Shot Tower at Greenhill.

1674       Occupied by Samual Hallowes (Sheriff}.

1700       Occupied by Alex Radcliffe of Lancashire.

1712       Occupied by John Branhall who sold the house to John Wingfield of Hazelburgh Hall.

1732       Occupied by Robert Newton who raised a troop of horse to defend George II against the Stuarts.

He died in 1803 after introducing a process of refining precious metals in Sheffield.

1803       Owned by J Reed who was a friend of Francis Chantry.

1831       Owned by Thos. Beard Holy Leader of Methodism.

1863       Chas Cammell who bought the old house for £10,000 and pulled it down and erected the existing structure.

1874      Owned by Edward Welby the Stipendiary Magistrate in Sheffield.

1941       Occupied by the Home Guard during the Second World War.

1945       Norton house Country Club formed.

1964       Extension made to the house, making the lounge and dance floor twice as large.


Geoffrey Winter

We have to report that, sadly, Geoffrey Winter died on Friday 29th January; he was 98.  He was well liked and respected and had been a Club member for many years.

Geoffrey led a long, very full and interesting life.  The many facets of his life are explored in a series of autobiographies which he wrote in his latter years after the death of his wife Fleur.  He leaves a son John and a daughter Vanessa.  Geoffrey was a gentleman in the true, old fashioned sense of the word and someone who left a lasting impression.

2020 Coupland Trophy Event

Congratulations to the 2020 outright winners


Peter and Janet Hempson and Ann and Billy Furie won the Coupland Handicapped Teams event on Thursday 12 March 2020 and they didn't need their handicap!  With a score of +53IMPs they were top of the tree before and after handicapping.  Seriously well done all four!

Results before handicapping here

Results with handicapping here

2020 Exchange Club Trophy Event

Well done Frank, Jackie, Mollie and Terry - winners of the 2020 Exchange Club with 50 IMPs.

Full results here

2019 Festive Evening

Super evening with Bridge plus food, drink, prizes, award presentations, quiz and of course Bridge.

Many thanks from all of us to Stan and Jackie for organising a super finale to another very successful year at Beauchief Bridge Club.

For full details of annual award winners, please check out the Honours Book ....

.... and here are the winners on the night itself ...

Well done all - onwards and upwards to a successful 2020

2019 Mixed Pairs Event

Congratulations to Janet Thomson and Graham Jepson on winning the 2019 Mixed Pairs event with a splendid score of 69.68%

2019 Jepson Trophy Event

A superb time was had by all on a glorious autumn day.  Members enjoyed good bridge and excellent food with lovely views over the golf course at Sickleholme Golf Club in Bamford.  Special big thank you to Stan and Jackie for organising such a splendid day out.

Congratulations to the winners of the Jepson Trophy

Jackie Marah and Frank Littlewood

and to the runners-up, Bruno Brugger and Martyn James.

Handicap prizes were awarded to

Denise Glossop and Sue Burkinshaw


Darren Carter and Margaret Savage.

Well done all.

2019 Pot Luck Teams Winners

Well done Richard, Brian Judith and John on winning the 2019 Pot Luck Teams Trophy.

2019 Pivot Teams Winners

Congratulations to Margaret, Baz, Stuart and Lesley

Full Results here

2019 McCloskey Cup - Lunch at Hassop Hall

Congratulations to the winners

Graham Wood, Philip Anwar, Richard Bertram and John Little came top in a strong 15 table field with 67 IMPs.  Well done all.


Runners-up (above) were Martin Taylor, Harry Peck, Jerry Peel and Peter Camm with 32 IMPs and

Best All Beauchief Team were Graham Jepson, Peter Brown, Joan Wragg and Ruth Gibb.


2019 Individual Trophy

Well done to Jackie Starsmore - the clear winner with 64%



2019 Coupland Trophy - Thursday 16 March

Handicapped Teams of 4

Congratulations to The Winners !!

**Rachel*Gunning**Vari*Ainsworth**Sylvia*Thompson**Sue Lambert**

Full results here



YCBA SIM PAIRS - February 2019

Very well done to Ron Muse and Wendy Pye-Smith who scored a magnificent 68.20%  and were placed second out of 218 pairs across Yorkshire.

Ron and Wendy receive their prizes

Three other Beauchief pairs were in the top 20:-

12th Graham Jepson and Frank Littlewood with 63.59%

15th Martin Brailsford and Terry Marah with 62.58%

20th Roman Gembicki and Sandy Davies with 61.44%

Full results on the EBU website here .

The local results with hand records and Play it Again facility are on our website here as usual

2019 Exchange Club Trophy

Well done Jackie, Stan, Janet and Frank on winning the 2019 Exchange Club Trophy competition with a spectacular score of 111 IMPs.

Full results here

2018 Festive Evening

Great time had by all with Bridge plus food, drink, prizes, award presentations, quiz and of course Bridge.

Many thanks from all of us to Stan and Jackie for organising a super finale to a very successful year at Beauchief Bridge Club.

For full details of award winners, please check out the Honours Book.

As a taster, here's Frank in Festive Mode, receiving the Rosebowl Trophy.

Here are the brainboxes who won the Quiz prize with Steph who set the seriously difficult questions.

and finally the evening's Bridge winners ...

Well done all and here's to a successful 2019



Mixed Pairs - 6 December 2018

Well done Jackie and Stan - top mixed pair on 64% in a strong field of 23 pairs.  Full result here



Jepson Trophy - November 2018

Ten tables of players enjoyed lunch and bridge in the lovely surroundings of Whirlowbrook Hall on Sunday 25 November. 

Well played Graham Wood and Philip Anwar - worthy winners of the 2018 Jepson Trophy event with a highly creditable 64.07%. 

Well done to Elaine Fox and Colin Monaghan - the runners-up on 61.85%. 

Full results here.

 Lesley, Molly, Stuart and Jackie were the lucky Spot Prize winners.


Ron Symonds Trophy - Pot Luck Teams -  September 2018

Congratulations to Frank Littlewood, Terry Marah, Peter Camm and Jerry Peel on winning the 2018 Pot Luck Teams Event.

Also well done to runners-up Mollie Hallam, Jackie Marah, Pat and John Jarratt


YCBA SIM PAIRS - 13 September 2018

The Club results are available as usual and the Hand Records and Play it Again analysis are also available on our website.

Well done to the Club NS winners, Molly Hallam and Jackie Marah on 66.67%  and the Club EW winners, Ian Willmott and Graham Wells with 57.69%.

The combined Yorkshire rankings can be seen here


McCloskey Cup 2018

Great day out at Hassop Hall on Monday 18 June with 15 teams competing for the McCloskey Cup.  The unstoppables - Jackie, Stan, Janet and Janet stormed to victory again with a magnificent 91 IMPs.

  Worthy runners-up were Terry, Jackie, Molly and Martin on 67 IMPS. 

A strong "Best of the Rest" (Beauchief members only) team were Julia Broady, Jane Kirk, Elaine Fox and Colin Monaghan with 36 IMPS 

Full result here 


Pivot Teams 2018 winners

Congratulations to Stan, Jackie and the two Janets - winners of the 2018 Pivot Teams Event

Coupland Trophy 2018

Seriously well done to Brian, Judith, Irene and Stephanie on their win of the 2018 Coupland Trophy.

Full details of the results here



Individual Competition 2018

Winner Ken Smith

with second place to Jackie Starsmore and third place to Vari Ainsworth.  Well done all.


February Festive Evening 2018

Thanks to Stan and Jackie for organising a super Sunday evening of food and bridge.  Forty members enjoyed a welcome drink, a delicious hot buffet supper followed, of course, by a good game of bridge.  And here are the prizewinner, Denis, Graham, Dot, Gill, Stephanie, Brian, Graham and Philip ...


YCBA SIM PAIRS - 8 February 2018

The Club results are available as usual and the Hand Records and Play it Again analysis are now available.

Well done to the Club NS winners, Graham Jepson and Frank Littlewood and the EW winners Ron Muse and Wendy Pye-Smith. 

The combined Yorkshire rankings can be seen here

Exchange Club Trophy 2018

Congratulations to the winning team:

Terry Marah, Jackie Marah,Martin Brailsford and Molly Hallam 

2017 Year End Awards

Rose Bowl

Terry Marah

Noel's Cup

Sylvia Thompson and Ken Newton (jointly)

2017 Annual Monday and Thursday Pairs Results

Last week saw the final sessions of the Monday and Thursday Pairs Competitions. 

Congratulations to the winners.

Monday Evening Pairs

Janet Whiteley and Janet Thomson (59.38%)

Runners-up: Graham Wood and Phillip Anwar (58.69%)

Monday Evening Handicapped Pairs

Graham Wood and Phillip Anwar (55.24%)

Runners-up: Barbara Walton and Irene Newbound (54.55%)

Thursday Evening Pairs

Jacqueline Starsmore and Stan Haywood (62.14%)

Runners-up:  Ron Muse and Wendy Pye-Smith (59.95%)

Thursday Evening Handicapped Pairs

Jacqueline Starsmore and Stan Haywood (56.98%)

Runners-up: Ken Newton and Sylvia Thompson (56.95%)

Well done all

Mixed Pairs 2017

Congratulations to Molly Hallam and Terry Marah who won the 2017 Mixed Pairs event, well ahead in a 26 pair field with a super score of 68.43%.

Well done both.


Jepson Trophy Red Letter Day

22 October 2017 at the Proact Stadium

Jolly good time had by all - good bridge,good company and good food.  Special thanks to Stan for all his efforts and for dealing with the computer glitches.

Well done to the winners of the trophy

and the spot prize winners

Full results here

Ron Symonds Trophy Winners

28 September 2017

Well done to Elaine Fox, Colin Monaghan, Martin Brailsford and Terry Marah - the trophy winners in the Pot Luck Pairs Event.


14 September 2017

Hand records have been added to the local results on this website.  For each hand, makeable contracts and optimum contracts are displayed.  Plus click on Play it Again for free step-by-step guidance on each hand.

County-wide results are now available here on the YCBA website.


New EBU Rules

We have converted to the new 2017 Laws with effect from Friday 1 September. There is not really anything new that the ordinary bridge player needs to know, except that many irregularities will now be resolved differently by our TDs. It remains as important as ever that we call the TD whenever something goes awry so that the TD can help us out.

Please look here for an article in the August issue of English Bridge (Page 44) if you would like a little more detail or see full documentation on the EBU website

British Summer Sim Pairs Results - update 4 August 2017

23 pairs played at Beauchief in the British Summer Sim Pairs on Monday 24 June 2017.  As usual the local results are on this website.  Well done to Irene Newbound and Brian Garlick who came top NS with 59.79% and Roman Gembicki and Sandy Davies coming top EW with 63.64% .

The National results are available on the EBU website with what now looks like a final total of 81 clubs and 1411 pairs competing.  Interestingly, two of Beauchief's EW pairs made it into the top 5% nationally and two more Beauchief EW were in the top 10% nationally as shown here

2 44 Martin Brailsford & Terry Marah 62.05 62.30
1 51 Roman Gembicki & Sandy Davies 63.64 62.00
3 136= Darren Carter & Bob Marshall 57.73 59.07
5 142 Lesley Blanchard & Stuart Fletcher 55.45 58.94

Whilst playing during the event, it did also seem that EW were getting all the HCPs as well!  

The full national rankings can be viewed here and the full Beauchief national rankings are here.  The top third of the field will be awarded Blue Master Points in due course.

Winners of the 2017 Pivot Teams

Congratulations to Ron Muse, Wendy Pye-Smith, Lesley Blanchard and Stuart Fletcher - winners of the Beauchief 2017 Pivot Teams Event with 49 IMPs.

Runners-up were Mollie Hallam, Martin Brailsford, Jackie and Terry Marah on 46 IMPs.  

Full Results

Ron and Wendy are Stars of the YCBA Sims

Well done to Ron Muse and Wendy Pye-Smith.  After winning NS at Beauchief on Thursday 15 June with a top class 66.23%, Ron and Wendy were placed second overall in Yorkshire with an even higher score of 67.19%

Full Results

Winners of the 2017 McCloskey Cup

Congratulations to the winners of the McCloskey Cup 2017 held at Hassop Hall.

Molly Hallam, Jackie Marah, Terry Marah & Martin Brailsford

Runners up in the McCloskey Cup were Geoff Kenyon, Shirley Morrisroe, Pat Foy & Margot Stuart-Harris.

2nd best Beauchief Bridge Club members only were Peter Camm, Harry Peck, Roger Taylor & Glyn Foley. 


Beauchief Team win the Charity Swiss Pairs

Sunday 30 April 2017

Mona Rhodes presented the Sheffield Charity Swiss Teams Shield to the winning team of

Jeff  & Joan Wragg, Susan Stranex & Ben Hamilton  

Well done all

Full Results here