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Beauchief Olympics

Beauchief Bridge Club ‘Olympic event’ 

To celebrate the hosting of the 2012 Olympics, running from July 26 to August 13, the Club is holding a special one-off event, with token ‘medal’ awards by way of a little light hearted ‘extra’ to your bridge in keeping with the spirit of the times.

The event starts on Thursday 26th July; and runs through the duplicate sessions on Monday 30th July; Thursday 2nd August; Monday 6thAugust; Thursday 9th August; and closes with the duplicate session on Monday 13thAugust.

The results for all sessions, as published on our web site result page, will count towards your final 'event' percentage score.

The ‘Gold’ medal award will go to the player with the best % score over the 6 sessions (with a minimum of 4 sessions played to qualify).

The ‘Silver’ [handicap#] medal award will go to the player with the best % score over the 6 sessions (again with a minimum of 4 sessions played to qualify) once handicaps are applied.

# the club-scoring program calculates handicaps automatically - based on your scores on a rolling basis over the last 12 months…

Two ‘Bronze’ medal awards will go to the players with respectively the best Monday event and best Thursday event score (with a minimum 2 sessions played on the relevant event day to qualify). 

No player can win more than one medal award.