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The Yorkshire League

Due to Covid 19 restrictions it was not possible for the Yorkshire Teams of 8 League to hold face-to-face matches during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons.  The face-to-face Yorkshire League Teams of 8 is currently running for the winter season 2021-22 but Beauchief Bridge Club has not entered any teams.

 During the era of Covid restrictions, YCBA pioneered a Teams of 4 League, playing online matches on Sunday afternoons, on BBO.

Beauchief Bridge Club has entered 3 teams of 4 in this competition and results can be seen on the YCBA website.  For full details, follow the links below.

Results from Season 2

January - March 2021

Beauchief Red Team Division 4

Beauchief White Team Division 5

Beauchief Blue Team  Division 10


Results from Season 1

October - December 2020

All three teams were promoted

Beauchief Red Team Division 5

Beauchief White Team Division 6

Beauchief Blue Team  Division 11


Beauchief Bridge Club fielded two teams in the Yorkshire League during the season 2019-2020.  Matches were played on seven Sundays during the winter months.  Full details of fixtures and results may be seen on the YCBA website and a match by match commentary is given below.

Sunday 8 March - Match 7

Brilliant finale for both teams - well done all

Beauchief A team won 15-5 against York C thus securing creditable 3rd place in Division 3 after a dodgy start last Autumn.  Record: won 4, lost 3.  They lost out on promotion to Sheffield C by only two league points.

The A team included, at various times, Stan Haywood, Jacqueline Starsmore, Janet Thomson, Graham Jepson, Molly Hallam, Jackie Marah, Terry Marah, Frank Littlewood, Jonathan Brayshaw, Martyn James, Phil Anwar and Graham Wood.

Beauchief B team had an excellent 18-2 win against Harrogate C thus winning Division 7 and  promotion to Division 6 next season.  Record: won 5; drew 2.

The B team included, at various times,  Brian Garlick, Stephanie Garlick, Irene Newbound, Judith Cherry, Elaine Fox, Colin Monaghan, Darren Carter, Margaret Savage, Rosemary Johnson, Graham Lyon and Barbara Walton.

Sunday 16 February - Match 6

Beauchief A played Sheffield C away and lost 12 - 8.  However, they retain =3rd place and play York C in the final match, so, barring a disaster, they will stay comfortably in Div 3

Beauchief B braved Storm Dennis to play away against Halifax A  and drew 10 - 10.  They are still a close 2nd in Division  7 and have every chance of promotion as they play the bottom team in Div 7, Harrogate C, in their last match.

No pressure then - just Onwards and Upwards !!!

Sunday 26 January - Match 5

Beauchief A played Wetherby A away and won 13 - 7, so currently lie 3rd in Division 3.

Beauchief B played Hull C away winning 12 - 8, so maintaining their good run and are also 3rd in Division 7, only one league point behind second place

Full details of fixtures and results may be seen on the YCBA website.

Sunday 5 January - Match 4

Beauchief A won 18 - 2 against Ilkley B, who were the then Division 3 leaders, so hauling themselves out of trouble and into a more comfortable mid-table position

Beauchief B beat Doncaster D 12- 8 so making consistent good progress to lie second in Div 7.

Full details of fixtures and results may be seen on the YCBA website.