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Resolving partnership challenges

A good partnership makes your bridge game more fun. If you are struggling with partnership challenges, first check that your own partnership habits are good.

Marty Bergen's 21 Rules for being a good partner is a great place to start. His rules can make all the difference.


Resolving partnership challenges
The history of bridge

The game we know and love as bridge evolved from the card game whist in the 19th century.

Bidding and rules evolved over the years; while the cards would be easily recognized, a 19th century player certainly would not recognize a lot of today's bidding conventions.

Duplicate, bridge pads, and many more innovations came about over the years.

Today many players enjoy playing bridge from the comfort of their own homes courtesy of online bridge games. For those homebound by illness, mobility issues, or lack of transportation to the club, the online games are a way to keep playing the game we all enjoy. 

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