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  Help Wanted - Photographers
Help Wanted - Photographers

Aren't the slide shows from our Grand Opening Party and  Labor Day's Hot Diggity Dog game great? The club could use more volunteer photographers to take photos at our big events and learn to post them to our web site. Anyone interested  in learning more about this valued role is welcome to contact Gretchen Lindquist  by email at gem731@att.net.  We could really use some help for our events, such at the holiday parties and I/n tournaments. 

  Were you there?

Were you there that day in November 2018 when the power went out?

Our intrepid I/N players used mobile phones for light in the small room.

Fun times!



Were you there?
  Help Wanted - Crew Members

Would you like to earn FREE PLAYS?

We need volunteers to be part of our Daily Crew. The Crew members will assure that the club is a pleasant environment for all those at the in-person games. It only requires a few minutes before and after each game, and you earn a FREE PLAY TICKET each day you work. If you can help once a month, once a week or more, contact Janice here to sign-up. Thank you for helping your club.