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Board of Directors Election
2024 Candidate Statements

Board Election

Bob Ziegler Susanne Dittman Brian Schaffer Kas Rangan John Montgomery
I was originally appointed to fill a vacancy in 2022.†I am running for a full term to help the BCoH Board of Directors to help plan for the Club's future.† The 4th Tuesday Mentor-Mentee game has been my responsibility to coordinate.† My background includes degrees in chemistry and an MBA.† I retired as a product manager from Baker Hughes. My background is in Education.† While living in Kansas City, I taught Algebra for several years before turning to Administration.
†After we moved to Houston, I retired from Education and became a full time Grandma.†
I have always been active in my community which included serving as a Director on our Homeowners Association Board for 11 years.†
When I needed some "my time" I came to the Bridge Club of Houston.† I always enjoy the game, but it is the people that make the Club so special.

Thank you for your interest in the health and welfare of our beautiful bridge club and community by participating in the selection of our Board of Directors. I am
running for one of the slots because of my own interest in maintaining and improving
the club in all respects. I ask for your vote in that regard. I have played at BCOH for nearly 10 years and have assisted at the
club† on the clean-up crew, as Ambassador, as a mentor and, most recently, as a dealing
machine operator. I expect to be even more involved as a Board member and look forward to doing so. Those who know me would probably describe me as quiet but a good listener, incisive but open to other opinions, and dispassionate in debate but decisive when the time is right. These skills should serve the Board and membership well, as it did when I was President of my homeowner's association for four years.† Obviously, the number one issue facing the club is its finances. I do not have a magic answer but I can assure the membership that I will work with the Board to the best of my ability to find the right solutions so
that the club regains the vitality it had pre-COVID. However you vote in the upcoming election please continue to support the club, and I'll see you at the tables.

I am Kas. I moved to Spring in 2020 from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I am a semi-retired Chemical/mechanical engineer.

I started playing duplicate bridge in 1980 and fell in love with the game. From 1981 to 1995, I was part owner of the bridge club in Tulsa. I used to direct the majority of the games in that span.

I left the game in 1995 to raise a family. I returned to the game in 2015 after my daughters went off to start their careers leaving us an empty nest.

I absolutely adore the game and donít want to see it atrophy. I hope to help BCOH and its membership thrive and flourish. I would like to see a friendly, nurturing game that is inviting to all players - new, seasoned, advanced or novice. I plan to refresh my Director certification and begin to direct again.

Iíve been pleased to be the secretary for the current board, and I would be happy to continue serving.