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Welcome to BCOH- a member-owned and operated  bridge club located on Houston's north side. Check out our news, game results, and upcoming events, and perhaps you will want to join our friendly group. Everything that happens at our club happens because volunteers made it happen. Feel free to contact us for more info on becoming a member or volunteer. See you at the tables!

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We play friendly
Mentor Games

We run two Mentor games each month, currently offered on BBO on the first and third Monday evenings at 7:00PM. These games are designed to provide newer players with the opportunity to play with a more advanced player against other similar pairs and receive guidance and suggestions for improvement.


How do I sign up?

Whether you are willing to be a mentor (and we always need them!) or whether you would like a mentor arranged for you, contact Roxie Walker at 713-203-5877 or roxie_w@hotmail.com. Mentors have over 300 masterpoints. Only players with fewer than 300 masterpoints are eligible to have a mentor assigned to them.


Before game day (or, at least, well before the game)

  1. Receive  your partner's contact information from Roxie Walker.
  2. Contact your partner and arrange a time to decide what system you will be playing. It is recommended that you play the newer player's system.
  3. Create your convention card in BBO and link it to your partner's BBO user name.  Click here for instructions (courtesy of Unit 149).


Registration and during the game

  1. Please log into BBO at least 30 minutes before game time.
  2. The newer player will invite the mentor AND pay the mentor's game fee (☑ I will pay for for both myself and my partner). It is very important that the newer player do the inviting because it will ensure that all newer players are sitting either South or West, thus creating a level playing field.
  3. Bridge is a timed event. It is recommended that you save questions and comments until a review session after the game.

After the game
Hand records are available after the game. They can be viewed in the History tab or in the BBO My Hands viewer. Use whatever method of review that works for you. Some possibilities are:

  • Chatting in BBO while looking at History
  • Using a Zoom meeting and screen share to step through the hands, if needed
  • Emailing comments after each partner does his/her own review


Game fee
The cost for the pair entry, paid by the newer player, is $10.00.