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Play Up a Little, Play Up a Lot - Player Information

Sally Wheeler is a Grand Life Master who began playing bridge with her parents. She has been a longtime mentor in the BCOH mentor program and conducts hand reviews via Zoom after the Thursday evening game. For the last four years, she and Buddy Hanby have been writing a “Bridge Q & A” email which has covered well over 2000 questions about more than 1300 boards.

5 sessions | $99 donation per session | Online only

Daniel Jackson is a Platinum Life Master who began playing bridge in college. He is a certified bridge director and teacher. Daniel lives in San Antonio with his amazing wife, Debbie, whom he met playing bridge. He lived in Houston for many years and played, directed, and taught at BCoH. He also served on the board of Unit 174. Over his bridge career, he has won four national events, three national Mini-McKenney awards, and more than ten thousand masterpoints. He also loves to figure out strategies to fool the BBO robots!

2 sessions | $85 donation per session | Online only

Jack Lavigne is a Platinum Life Master who recently served on the Unit 174 board. He was introduced to bridge in 1971 and has been fascinated by the game ever since. He started back when there were no "flights” and everyone played together and thus had the opportunity to play against many of the greatest players. He is now retired and applies his energy to helping others to play and enjoy this great game that we love. He strives to always make opponents feel comfortable with warm greetings and to get the best out of his partners.

1 session | $85 donation | Online or f2f

Jeff McKeeis a Platinum Life Master with over 10,000 masterpoints. He retired in 2020 and moved here from Portland, Oregon but has lived in Texas previously. He is a matchpoint specialist who teaches bridge including advanced levels.

1 session | $85 donation | Online only

Jeff Kroll is a Diamond Life Master with over 9500 masterpoints. He teaches bridge at Lone Star Bridge Club, Lone Star College-Montgomery campus and has taught at Cypress Bridge Club. He co-writes the key takeaways from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin for the Unit 174 Unit Newsletter and also writes for the Lone Star Bridge Club newsletter. He maintains a mailing list to distribute lessons and answer questions.

2 sessions | $150 donation for 2 session package | Online only

Bill Riley is a Diamond Life Master. He has been playing cards since he was 4 years old and bridge since 1978. He is a past president of BCOH Board of Directors, a club director, BCOH virtual club BBO director and has started teaching bridge at BCOH. He is also a past president of the Unit 174 Board of Directors.

10 sessions | $70 donation per session | Online only

Dolores Aquino is a Diamond Life Master who is an ACBL certified teacher and Club Director. In 2021 and 2022 she served as chair for the BCoH Longest Day Fundraiser. In 2020 she won both the Mini McKinney and Ace of Clubs awards ACBL wide in the 2500-3500 point category and in 2021 she was second ACBL wide in the 2500-3500 category. She has previously served on the Unit 174 Board.

2 sessions | $70 donation per session | Online or f2f

Julie Halperin is a Diamond Life Master. She has been teaching bridge for more than 15 years and loves teaching this fascinating game. She also is a club director, certified ACBL TAP instructor and has an ACBL Best Practices Teacher certification.

2 sessions | $70 donation per session | Online or at BCoH

Thomas Rush is a Sapphire Life Master who is a popular and effective teacher known for his sense of humor. His team won the 2019 National Grand National Teams event in Flight B. He placed on the Barry Crane Top 500 list several years with his highest being #124 in 2019. He has called Houston home since 1989 and is currently serving on the Unit 174 Board of Directors.

4 sessions | $85 donation per session | Online or at BCoH

Joe Volanski is a Gold Life master. He learned to play while in college, where he also was on the collegiate golf team. He returned to bridge in 2009 when his children were grown and became a member of BCoH. He enjoys playing tournaments and also enjoys mentoring newer players.

2 session1 | $50 donation per session | At BCoH

Ted Bain is a Gold Life Master.

1 session | $50 donation | Online or at BCoH

Joanna Heebner is a Ruby Life Master with over 2200 masterpoints. She and her husband founded The Bridge Depot, the club that was the predecessor to the Bridge Club of Houston. Joanna did most of the teaching and directing while her husband handled the scoring and posting of results. Many of their regular players have excelled while becoming loyal friends.

Today she says, “My passion is to play often with a variety of partners. I love the games I share with novices and intermediate players who make it so much fun. I'd be delighted to have you join me!"

2 session | $50 donation | At BCoH


Peter Wahl is a Gold Life Master. He formerly owned two bridge clubs in Arizona and was on the Board of Directors of District 17. Since moving to Houston, he has played regularly at BcoH and has generously shared his expertise with many players.

1 session | $50 donation | At BCoH

Sam Khayatt is a Silver Life Master. She leads a team that teaches Beginning Bridge on BBO and was named the 2022 District 16 (D16) Teacher of the Year. She is the current D16 I/N Coordinator, a past co-editor of the Unit 174 Newsletter and regularly volunteers at the Lone Star Regional. Because she still has a job that interferes with her bridge game, the arranged session will most likely take place online at night or on a weekend.

2 sessions | $50 donation per session | Online only