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Monday Morning Lessons


In February, Bill Riley began a series of lectures on various bridge topics.  Topics are geared to the advanced beginner and intermediate player but are open to all.   Other topics, in addition to those specified below, will include:  Transfers, Interfering with the Opponents opening 1NT, Doubles, Nuances of 2/1, to name a few.

Bill Riley is a Diamond Life Master, certified ACBL director, as well as an outstanding and entertaining teacher.   Having taught Pediatrics for 40 years, he is now teaching bridge.

The usual cost of the lecture is $2.00, which we will collect at the door.


Upcoming Topics

July 11 Defensive Signaling
July 18 How to find the missing cards
July 25 Minor suit Transfers from the Basic system to the new expert system


Past Topics

Feb 28 Opening Leads Fundamentals
March 7 Opening Leads for Suit & NT contracts
March 14 Hand Evaluation 
March 21 Basic 2/1
May 16 Four-Suit Transfers over 1NT and 2NT
May 23 Interference of 1NT