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We are thrilled to announce that as of Monday, September 13, 2022, Houston bridge players will have more!

        More masterpoints:  Bigger games → more masterpoints.
             We hope the morning slot hits 40 tables every day!  Maximum masterpoints!
        More game types:  Added to the schedule: 499er
             499ers, we heard you!  
        More game times:  Multiple game offerings Mon-Fri in the morning.
              If you play F2F in the morning, you can make the afternoon online game with your out-of-town partner.

Coordinated Game Schedule

Three Houston virtual clubs – Apple, BCOH, Clear Lake (ABC) – are offering a coordinated game schedule, available on the U174 web site. Hosting responsibilities have been assumed as follows:

      Morning:  BCOH and Clear Lake
 Wed Afternoon: Apple
Evening: BCOH
Weekends: BCOH and Clear Lake

Finding the Games

If CHOOSE HOUSTON! games currently pop up in your game queue, they will continue to do so. If you are a visitor, search for “Houston” rather than for a particular club. And, if you really must know… the host club will be identified in the Details view of the game.

The Monday morning game queue will look something like this:



Big change for BCOH players:  Morning Open Pairs games begin at 10:10 AM (not 10:20 AM).  Set your alarms NOW! 


All About Greater Houston Players

We wish that conditions were such that all our Houston players were playing in Houston F2F clubs. And while some of our players are playing F2F, many are not. Therefore, we are striving to strengthen our Houston online community. We hope the players you meet at Houston virtual tables later become your partners, teammates, or opponents at Houston tournament tables.

Please keep in mind that this effort for Houstonians has been brought to you by a group of volunteers, not by a paid professional staff. We may misstep. If we do, we will fix it. Please be patient with us. And let us know what you think. This entire program was developed based on YOUR feedback. We trust you and hope you trust us to help the Greater Houston Unit 174 thrive.