This is NOT the official BCOH website. It is a "sneak peek" of what will become the website, but we are not there yet.  Please visit www.bridgeclubofhouston.org for the official site.

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About / Contact BCOH
  Contact BCOH

Please get in touch with us!

Email thebridgeclub@sbcglobal.net
Phone 281-651-6550



4688 Louetta Road (NE Corner of Louetta and Kuykendahl)
Spring, TX 77388


  Game Fees

Game fees on BBO

  •      The game fee for our regular BBO game is $5.00 per person.
  •      In our Mentor games, the newer player pays both his/her game fee and that of his/her mentor.
  •      If a special game (awarding extra points) requires an increased fee, it will be announced well beforehand.


Game fees at the club

  •      The game fee for our regular club games is $10.00 per person.
  •      There is no fee increase for games awarding extra points.
  •      The game fee for our Newcomer (0-20) is $5.00 per person.
  •      The game fee for players under 18 years of age is $4.00.