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Face to Face Policy Change

As of May 1st, 2023, BCoH will not require proof of COVID vaccination for any F2F game or tournament held at the club.



Contact BCoH

Please get in touch with us!

Phone 281-651-6550



4688 Louetta Road (NE Corner of Louetta and Kuykendahl)
Spring, TX 77388



Game Fees

Game fees on BBO

  •      The game fee for our regular BBO game is $5.00 per person.
  •      In our Mentor games, the newer player pays both his/her game fee and that of his/her mentor.
  •      If a special game (awarding extra points) requires an increased fee, it will be announced well beforehand.

Game fees at the club

  •      The game fee for our regular club games is $10.00 per person.
  •      There is no fee increase for games awarding extra points.
  •      The game fee for our Newcomer (0-20) is $5.00 per person.
  •      The game fee for players under 18 years of age is $4.00.


The Founding of BCoH

The idea of starting the club that would be known as Bridge Club of Houston came about when a  bridge club on the north side of Houston was on the verge of closing due to the owner's health problems. Barbara Phillips, JoDene Bond, and Lu Edwards started calling all the bridge players  in the area that they knew and organized a meeting to come up with a plan. This group decided that if each of them, about 2 dozen people, could  pitch in $500 of seed money, that should be enough to get a new club started. After searching for a location and identifying start up costs, they realized that this was not going to be enough money, so some of the original organizers - Jayne Davis, Nolan Bedford, Russ Long, Judy and Al Cupps, and Jennifer and William Lindner -  increased their initial donation to $5,000.

For the first few weeks, the game was played in a Denny's restaurant, but soon the U-Haul center was selected as the first club location. While the space in the U-Haul center was being built out, the center let the club hold games in a temporary space, similar to our "Camp BCoH" quarters of recent history. Members initially lent the club tables, chairs, boards, and bidding boxes, until the club reached a point where they could afford to purchase those necessities.

Sherry Gerdes, one of the Founders, served as club manager and director, and she did a great job. She usually played while directing, and she was assisted by a non player serving as scorekeeper, gathering the pickup slips and entering the results into the computer.

Most of the Founders are still playing in the Unit and are listed in our Membership list, but several who are not include:

Jayne Davis, Lu Edwards, JoDene Bond, Sherry Gerdes, and Natalie Green.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bridge Club of Houston:


To welcome players of all skill levels to join us in fun and fair duplicate games with opportunities for

learning, mentoring, recognition, and social engagement at our club and online.


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