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Mentor game Email template
Ambassadors Wanted

Dear BCoH Players

Thank you to all who have volunteered to be and have served as ambassadors since Bridge Club of Houston reopened after being closed for the pandemic. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are currently staffed for the open games.

Ambassadors are urgently needed for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday each month.

Generally ambassadors volunteer for one day on a recurring monthly basis. For example: the 1st Tuesday each month. Of course we will not need ambassadors for the Tuesdays on which Eight Is Enough is scheduled (the 4th Tuesday in August).

Please think about your schedule and see if you can volunteer to be an ambassador for one Tuesday (1st, 2nd or 3rd) on a monthly basis.

Ambassadors ensure that a partner is available whenever a player arrives at the club without a partner (player must arrive at the club at least 15 minutes before the start of the game). If the ambassador is needed that day, they play for free. If the ambassador does not get to play that day, he or she receives 2 free play slips for future use. This is a valuable perk for the ambassador as the F2F fees have returned to $10. 

The ambassador signs up for one or more specific days on a recurring monthly basis. For example: the 1st Monday each month. You would then be the ambassador for the 1st Monday each month until you notify me that you no longer wish to be an ambassador for that day. 

Per the BCoH website:

The Game Ambassador arrives well before game time and it is important that the players without partners be present 15 minutes before game time. If two players come without partners, they will be paired with each other and the ambassador goes home with 2 free plays! If there is only one player without a partner, he or she will be paired with the ambassador. In this case the ambassador plays for free that day.

It is the responsibility of the ambassador to find a replacement if he or she is unable to make their scheduled date.

Please check your schedules and volunteer to be an ambassador. This helps our club and our players.

Respond to this email with the day or days for which you would like to be the ambassador. At this point we are not scheduling ambassadors for the I/N games.

Thank you.

Susan Domsalla

BCoH Ambassador Coordinator 

Mentor Game Reminder

Hi Mentor Mentee players:

Welcome to the Mentor Mentee game on May 3. Our next game will be on the 17th of May

We still have room for more Mentor Mentee pairs for this game.

Please contact me if you are interested. I do have a couple of mentors available for this game.

Please contact me if you know of players not receiving this email.

Have a great game!!



Roxie Walker


2nd item on mentor game email reminder

really boring text just to test functionality..... 

Congratulations! You will be receiving Sam spam

All --

I have created a BridgeWebs email group call Test emails.  I have discovered that BridgeWebs DOES have template functionality (it's just well-hidden).   

So I am going to create a few and will send test emails so we can see how they look on various devices (plus I want to get procedures documented so Susan D can test them).

Stay tuned ...