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This Monday, May 29, BCoH will be celebrating Memorial Day with the traditional Hot Diggity Dog Day!

Hot Dogs will be served at 11:00 am and the game starts at 11:55 am.

Please bring your favorite sides and desserts to share.

New F2F and Online classes are starting on June 17!

Both classes will be taught on Saturdays.  The F2F class will be taught at the Club by Susan Banks-Johnson and Andy Remson.  Sam Khayatt will teach online.

If you would like to learn to play bridge for the first time,
bone up on your basics and have the opportunity to ask questions in a safe 
or you have friends that are interested in learning bridge, these classes are for you!

Both classes will be using Audrey Grant teaching materials with the same lesson presented F2F and online each week.  You will have access to three excellent teachers.

To sign up, please contact Susan Banks-Johnson or Sam Khayatt.

Changes to the Monday - Friday Choose Houston Online BBO Games

Effective Monday, May 15, 2023, the clubs that offer the Choose Houston online BBO games announced that they are suspending the WEEKDAY MORNING games.  

We are thankful that our virtual club games were available during the early years of the pandemic serving Houstonians by keeping us “virtually together” and are grateful for all those who have played with us.

We will continue to offer the 1st & 3rd Monday night Mentor-Mentee online games, as well as the Tuesday night and Thursday night online Open games.  Kudos to the BCoH directors who direct these games.

If you seek a morning online game, we suggest those hosted by ACBL and other Virtual Online Clubs:  many levels of games as well as many time slots are available on BBO.  ACBL games are open to any player, however, you may have to request a "visitor's pass" for other online club games prior to the day of the game.

Everyone is Welcome at BCoH!

Welcome to the Bridge Club of Houston (BCoH) - a member-owned and operated bridge club located on Houston's north side.

Effective May 1, 2023, we opened our doors to ALL players with "No Restrictions".  This includes Club games and Sectional Tournaments as is allowed by ACBL.

Check out our news, game results, and upcoming events, and perhaps you will want to join our friendly group.

Everything that happens at our club, is because volunteers make it happen. Feel free to contact us for more info on becoming a member or volunteer. See you at the tables!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bridge Club of Houston:


To welcome players of all skill levels to join us in fun and fair duplicate games with opportunities for

learning, mentoring, recognition, and social engagement at our club and online.


♠  ♥  ♦  ♣

Congrats to our Players with recent Big Games!
Date Game Players Score
05/18/2023 F2F 499er Teresa Bolen and Zane Bolen 72.47%
05/18/2023 BBO Open Sally Wheeler and Buddy Hanby 70.56%
05/08/2023 F2F Open Ted Bain and Joe Volanski 71.76%
04/27/2023 BBO Open Angela Reed and Kas Rangan 75.00%
Mentor-Mentee Game Information


Consider what a tremendous contribution you will be making on several levels!

Do you have at least 300 masterpoints ... or, better yet, more than 500?




PLEASE JOIN US!  We want to grow this program!

Bridge Club of Houston proudly hosts four (4) Mentor-Mentee games per month.


Face-to-Face (F2F) Mentor-Mentee Games
  The Mentor plays for free.  The player utilizing the Mentor pays $10.
  The partnership will work together to develop a convention card.
  If you need a Mentor OR want to be a Mentor, Judy and/or Bob will attempt to arrange partnerships.
  PLEASE confirm your attendance with Judy and/or Bob.

  • First (1st) F2F Mentor Game - occurs on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month at 10:30 AM
         Contact Judy Cupps (call or text) @ 713.320.5592

  • Second (2nd) F2F Mentor Game - occurs on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month at 10:30 AM
         Contact Bob Ziegler (call or text) @ 713.829.6928

BBO (Bridge Base Online) Mentor-Mentee Games
  The less experienced player issues an invitation on BBO to the Mentor and pays $10 for BOTH players.
  NO pre-registration is required.  Simply sign-on and register by 6:40 PM.
  A convention card MUST be posted on BBO.
  If you need a Mentor OR want to be a Mentor, Mike will attempt to arrange partnerships.
  To avoid robots, a substitute Mentor-Mentee pair is needed, "IF" an odd number of pairs register (Free Play).

  • BBO Mentor Games - occur on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Mondays of each month at 7:00 PM
         Contact Mike Linkins (via email) @ mlinkins@swbell.net
         ** The game will still be held on holidays unless notice is posted on the website.

And guess what?  You can play in ALL four (4) Mentor games if you wish!

Game Schedule

Open Pairs
  Monday @ 11:55 AM
  1st & 5th Tuesday @ 10:30 AM
  Wednesday & Friday @ 10:30 AM

Mentored Pairs
  2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 10:30 AM

Swiss Teams
  3rd Tuesday @ 10:30 AM



Open Pairs
  Tuesday & Thursday @ 7:00 PM

Mentored Pairs
  1st & 3rd Monday @ 7:00 PM

Future Life Masters
  Tuesday (0-50) @ 3:05 PM
  2nd Saturday* (0-20) @ 9:00 AM
        *usually - see flm174.org for dates


Every Tuesday @ 9:30 AM
   Free Lessons with Julie Halperin

June 9-11: Unit 174 Summer Sectional
   @ Arabia Shrine Center

June 13: F2F Mentor-Mentee Session
   2nd Tuesday @ 10:30 AM*
   Call (or text) Judy Cupps (713) 320-5592

June 17: Beginner Lessons start

June 24: The Longest Day Pot Luck & Game
   Lunch @ Noon, Game @ 1:00 PM*

June 27: F2F Mentor-Mentee Session
   4th Tuesday @ 10:30 AM*
   Call (or text) Bob Ziegler (713) 829-6928


* Extra Point Games

Mon Morn Open Pairs
Sat Aft Open Pairs
Fri Morn Open Pairs