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Welcome to BCOH- a member-owned and operated  bridge club located on Houston's north side. Check out our news, game results, and upcoming events, and perhaps you will want to join our friendly group. Everything that happens at our club happens because volunteers made it happen. Feel free to contact us for more info on becoming a member or volunteer. See you at the tables!

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BCOH and COVID - A Message from our President
BCOH and COVID -  A Message from our President

 When a player who has played F2F at the club tells us of her/his positive COVID test, our policy is to notify solely the individuals who played that same day at the club.  Due to HIPAA confidentiality guidelines, we cannot share the name of said individual.  Everyone should have a valid Email address attached to the individual Bridgewebs account to receive such notification.

We  continue to require COVID vaccinations before entering the club.  Hand sanitizers are visible throughout the playing space.  Some players wear masks.  Some have asked about bringing personal bidding boxes, which is also acceptable.  We continue to be concerned about the health and safety of all players, and masks are encouraged.

Election Results!
Election Results!

The BCOH Board of Directors would like to thank the following Board members for their service to the club over the past three years:

  • Debbie Nash
  • Andy Remson
  • Charles Woody


At the Annual Meeting, the following members were elected to serve a three-year term on the Board ( above L to R):

  • Marsha Boyer
  • Debbie Nash
  • Kathy L’Hommedieu


At a meeting of the Board of Directors after Saturday’s game, the Board elected these individuals to the following offices:

  • President:  Mike Linkins
  • Vice President:  Debbie Nash
  • Treasurer:  Kathy L’Hommedieu
  • Secretary:  Bill Farrar

The election could have not happened without the efforts of the following volunteers:

  • Kathy L’Hommedieu, Membership Coordinator extraordinaire
  • Bill Nash, who chaired the Nominating Committee
  • Sam Khayatt, who created the voting form and instructions
  • Sally Wheeler, who audited the elecion process
  • Members willing to serve on the Board:  Marsha Boyer, Kathy L'Hommedieu, Debbie Nash, Andy Remson, Corbin Shouse, and Charles Woody
Rank Advancements Recognition Game on February 2
Rank Advancements Recognition Game on February 2

This event is a "catch up" to recognize all the members who advanced a rank (or more!) between March 2020 and December 2021. In the future we will hold recognition events quarterly. Come to the game and celebrate everyone who ranked up even though the club was closed much of that time. Well done!

Club facility news- improved air filtration!
Club facility news-  improved air filtration!

Gossett Air Conditioning performed their regular semi-annual  HVAC inspection in December. The system is working as designed, and the internal filters were inspected. The internal filters were upgraded to 3M Micro Allergen Extra Filtrete 1085D filters.  The new filters are more precise at filtration than the previous ones; see photo above, new filter on the left. Thanks to facilities coordinator Charles Woody for handing this important task.

It is Silver Linings Week on BBO in Virtual Club games
It is Silver Linings Week on BBO in Virtual Club games

Go for the *SILVER* on BBO!

Silver Linings Week is here, January 17-23.


Well done, members!
Well done, members!

Congrats to the majority of our club members who successfully registered on BridgeWebs for our recent parties! Well done, y'all!

For those who missed the instructions repeated in our weekly newsletters, here are two different sets of instructions for registering for our recent parties. One process takes more clicks than the other, but both will get you there. Both processes require that you know the date of party.


In case you have not yet checked out our online games… we now lead with “CHOOSE HOUSTON!”. We want to draw attention to the fact that the support of local clubs is important for the health and stability of our bridge-playing community. When a local virtual club game is bypassed for an out-of-town game, we lose the revenue that pays the bills for our local clubs. Especially now, with reduced F2F table counts at clubs around town, virtual club game fees cover the expense of operating local facilities.  

Beginning Monday, August 30, the Houston pool (Apple, BCOH, Clear Lake-Galveston) offers open and IN online games in the morning and in the afternoon. Open online games are offered three evenings a week.

Click here for the Choose Houston schedule.

For each club's full schedule, follow the appropriate link below:

Apple:  https://www.appledbcs.com/Home.html

BCOH: www.bridgeclubofhouston.org

CLBC-GBC:   www.clearlakebridgeclub.org

We Play Friendly!
We Play Friendly!

Do you remember reading "Highlights for Children" magazine?

If you do, I bet you recall the Goofus and Gallant page, featuring gentle suggestions for good and not-as-good behavior.

While Gallant might say "Thanks for giving our Open game a try!",

Goofus might say "Nah, I'll never try that."

While Gallant might say, "We are glad to see you at our F2F game!",

Goofus might say, "Forget that online stuff. Ugh! I only play REAL bridge."

Let's all try to be less Goofus and more Gallant. Some friendly messages:

Thanks for driving all the way to our club for a F2F game!

We appreciate your giving our online game a try.

We know you have moved out of town, so thanks for supporting our club by playing in our games online.

Thanks for being an Ambassador/ online game sub. You help us be successful!

Your financial support is a big help. Thanks!




Game Schedule

Extra evening 499er, 99er games

Mentor Game
  First and third Mondays at 7:00 PM



Open Pairs
  Mon at 11:55 AM
  Tue, Wed, Fri at 10:30 AM
  (4th Tuesday is Swiss Teams)

Swiss Teams
  4th Tues at 10:30 AM

Save the Dates

Silver Linings Week on BBO - January 17 - 23

Unit 174 Lone Star Regional - January 24 - 30

Rank Advancement Recognition  game - February 2

BCOH 499er/ NLM Tournament - February 24 - 27

FLM Apollo 0-99
Lesson 6:00, game 6:30
🎉 Double points!!
#65232 CHOOSE HOUSTON! BCOH/CLBC 199er 9:50
#65239 CHOOSE HOUSTON! BCOH/CLBC 499er 10:00