Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre
Welcome Message

Welcome to Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre.

We are at:

Bramhall Village Club
2 Melbourne Road
Bramhall SK7 1LR

We look forward to seeing you in the club or in our online events. 

More contact information HERE

Alec Smalley - Chair & Steve Mattinson - Vice Chair

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RealBridge is a new platform for online bridge utilising your equipments Microphone and Camera creating an environment as close to face to face bridge as possible.

As it is using more of your equipments functionality and is a new platform there will be some limitations to what equipment can and can't work fully on this platform. To test your equipments compatibility with the platform take this test: Camera & Microphone Test

If your equipment don't have a functioning Camera or Microphone the experience will be limited to the same as on any older platform where you will have to communicate by typing messages in the 'Chat' Area provided.


When you log in to RealBridge please provide your full name. As "ID" we would appreciate if you could provide your EBU number as this makes the job for us in uploading results to EBU easier.


You can get more information on the FAQ on RealBridges Site

Enjoy your game and Stay Safe!