Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre
Welcome Message

Welcome to Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre.

We are at:

Bramhall Village Club
2 Melbourne Road
Bramhall SK7 1LR

We look forward to seeing you in the club or in our online events. 

More contact information HERE

Alec Smalley - Chair & Steve Mattinson - Vice Chair

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FAQ's about RealBridge

RealBridge FAQ’s

  1. Could initial leads be made face down?  Currently not, but hopefully that will change – they are trying to find a way.
  2. Are there any instructional You tube videos? E.g. how to use cog, change size of cards. refresh etc.  Not yet – they will be made as soon as all is set live. It’s no good making them now when they may change in a week’s time.  As soon as they are completed, they will be put on the website and you’ll be informed.
  3. If there is background noise or static on someone’s audio, can I mute them?  - Yes, you can turn an opponent’s/partner’s sound down/off. Click on the microphone to the left of the offending player’s name and slide the volume down.
  4. History and playback…will these be possible? - They already are but on the club website – not on RealBridge. Click on the results from the home page of and click on your name: all the stats, scorecard etc are there. To play back, select a board and click hereA picture containing parking, meter, side, machine
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  5. Countdown to next round…20 secs rather short. We will vary this until we find the right fit.