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 Kent Contract Bridge Association

Green Pointed Swiss Teams

22 May 2022 - Realbridge - 11:00 am

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Oxfordshire Bridge Association

Friendly Pairs

19 June 2022 - BBO or F2F (depending on numbers)

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RealBridge Issues with iPads using iOS 15

RealBridge have issued setting changes to users of iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 15.

There is a problem where some iPads freeze when they arrive at a table. To solve this problem, RealBridge have updated their advice for iPads with iOS 15, and there are some more settings changes to make.

If you have an iPad, and you have iOS 15, please follow the instructions here:

Even if you did this since 1 December, please do it again as the advice has changed

League of Four Entry Form

To enter a team into the League-of-Four (Brown Cup), the form below must be completed and submitted online.

A team may have up to 6 named members.  A minimum of 4 team members (including the team captain) must be identified at this stage.
   Others members, up to the maximum of 6, may be added later by emailing a request to the League Secretary.

For all named members of the team the player's Name and EBU Number are required     eg.    Joe Black  123456
                (The EBU Number is not essential if the player has been a member of this same team in the previous season.) 

Once submitted, a copy of this completed form will be emailed to you as an acknowledgement of your entry, and a copy will also be sent to the League of Four Secretary.

To complete your entry you are required to pay the Entry Fee of £15.    The email acknowledgement of your entry will give the instuctions for making this payment.

Sometime in late August, providing your payment has been received, you will receive, by email, all the information you need to get started with this season's League of Four (LO4).  This will include the Division you will be playing in, and contact details for the other Team Captains in your Division.. 

The rules for the competition are on this website.   By entering, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.
Also by entering, you are also agreeing that your contact information will be given to other Captains in your Division.   See also the BBCBA Privacy Policy on the Home Page.

All boxes below marked * in the form below must be completed.