Berks and Bucks Contract Bridge Association
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 Kent Contract Bridge Association

Green Pointed Swiss Teams

22 May 2022 - Realbridge - 11:00 am

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Oxfordshire Bridge Association

Friendly Pairs

19 June 2022 - BBO or F2F (depending on numbers)

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RealBridge Issues with iPads using iOS 15

RealBridge have issued setting changes to users of iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 15.

There is a problem where some iPads freeze when they arrive at a table. To solve this problem, RealBridge have updated their advice for iPads with iOS 15, and there are some more settings changes to make.

If you have an iPad, and you have iOS 15, please follow the instructions here:

Even if you did this since 1 December, please do it again as the advice has changed

B&B Day Members Survey
Berks & Bucks Day Members Survey

This survey is designed to get the view of B&B members on the proposal of a B&B Day which would contain the AGM and a number of other activities.

The Committee thanks you in advance for your participation.

Please take a look at all of the questions first.     That will give you an idea of possible options for the suggested "Berks & Bucks Day".

Then answer Questions 1 and 2.
Question 2 asks if you would be in favour of a Berks & Bucks Day to include the AGM.  

If you answer NO to Question 2, then you do not need to answer the remaining questions.  Just go to the bottom of the form, add a Comment if you wish, and click the Submit Survey button.

Having answered YES to Question 2,  please answer the remaining questions to indicate what type of event you would like to see.  Try to answer all questions.    If you have other suggestions for the event, or any other comments, please add these in the Comments box.

If you want an emailed copy of your answers, fill in an email address.     Otherwise your replies are anonymous.

Finally, click the Submit Survey button.

Please do not complete and submit the survey more than once per person.