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 Kent Contract Bridge Association

Green Pointed Swiss Teams

22 May 2022 - Realbridge - 11:00 am

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Oxfordshire Bridge Association

Friendly Pairs

19 June 2022 - BBO or F2F (depending on numbers)

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RealBridge Issues with iPads using iOS 15

RealBridge have issued setting changes to users of iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 15.

There is a problem where some iPads freeze when they arrive at a table. To solve this problem, RealBridge have updated their advice for iPads with iOS 15, and there are some more settings changes to make.

If you have an iPad, and you have iOS 15, please follow the instructions here:

Even if you did this since 1 December, please do it again as the advice has changed



Waller Bowl (Pairs) and Committee Cup (Teams)  

Every year, the county runs two competitions which involve affiliated clubs – one for pairs and one for teams. 



The competition is played in 2 stages.  Qualifying heats are arranged by and played in your club.  Your club chooses the date for a heat and plays the heat as a normal club session.  Pairs qualify in your heat to represent your club in the finals, which are played later at Windsor.

Your club is invited to run heats for this competitions.  If you wish to run a heat, then as soon as possible, but in any case before December 31st, please complete the entry details below.  Note  that the named club contact will be the sole point of contact with your club for these events.

All open heats will be publicised on the B&BCBA website

A copy of the rules for the heats can be found below.  There are changes to the rules this year, designed to maximise the number of qualifiers.

Waller Bowl heats can be played any time up to April 1st , 2022; the final is on April 24th, 2022



For this year only, clubs do not need to run a heat to determine the team(s) that will represent them. Instead, clubs will be able to nominate up to three teams of 4 to represent them in the final.

Clubs may use any mechanism to select their team(s) and could, of course, use the traditional means of running a Committee Cup heat.  

Closing dates for entries for this event will be the 17th April 2022. Entries should be submitted to the event organiser as detailed below.  

Contact the Waller Bowl and Committee Cup Event Organiser Graham Dickens by Email or Phone