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The EBU have announced the publication of a new Blue Book which becomes effective from 1st September.

There are changes to

  • Rules on announcements
  • Rules on strong opening bids
  • Rules on non-strong 2-bids and 3-bids (at Level 4)

It can be downloaded from the EBU website at :-   Blue Book

In addition there are also new Alerting and Announcing rules which can be found at :-

New Alerting and Announcing Bidding Rules

It is recommended that clubs should advise their members of the new rules and

club directors should make themselves familiar with the three main changes.

Waller Bowl & Committee Cup


Waller Bowl (Pairs) and Committee Cup (Teams)  

Every year, the county runs two competitions which involve affiliated clubs – one for pairs and one for teams. 



The competition is played in 2 stages.  Qualifying heats are arranged by and played in your club.  Your club chooses the date for a heat and plays the heat as a normal club session.  Pairs qualify in your heat to represent your club in the finals, which are played later on Realbridge.

Your club is invited to run heats for this competitions.  If you wish to run a heat, please let us know as soon as possible, please complete the entry details below. 

Note that the named club contact will be the sole point of contact with your club for these events.

All open heats will be publicised on the B&BCBA website

A copy of the rules for the heats can be found below.   

Waller Bowl heats can be played any time up to November 27, 2022.
The Final will be held on December 11, 2022 on RealBridge at 1:30 p.m.  Entrance Fee: £5.00 per player



Clubs do not need to run a heat to determine the team(s) that will represent them. Instead, clubs will be able to nominate up to three teams of 4 to represent them in the final.  However, if you choose to run a heat your Club may be able to qualify more than three teams if the number of tables in your heat justifies it. 

Closing dates for entries for this event will be the 9th April 2023. Entries should be submitted to the event organiser as detailed below.  

Contact the Waller Bowl and Committee Cup Event Organiser Graham Dickens by Email or Phone




 Payment for all B&BCBA events need to be made by direct bank transfer as soon as you have registered using the entry form below.

Only one person of the pair / team should register and pay for their pair / team.

The entrance fee for the finals is £5 per player, so £10 for the Waller Bowl Final and £20 for the Committee Cup Final. 

Once you have completed your entry form please make a payment to the following bank account.    


Account Name: Berks & Bucks Contract Bridge Association

Sort code: 30-96-96

Account no: 04013813


In the payment reference please quote your SURNAME so we can tie-up your entry and payment. 



If you have any problems making your payment please feel free to contact Nigel Marlow at 


Please check out the individual clubs' websites for venue details and start time 


An open heat is one in which the host club agrees to allow visitors to the club to qualify for the final.  If you wish to play in an online open heat you should first make yourself known to the heat’s club contact at least 4 days before the heat as you may need to be added to the list of players authorised to play in the club’s online games. Some clubs will require you to be sponsored by a club member before adding you to their admissions list.  You should not expect to play in an online heat as a visitor simply by turning up to the heat unannounced.
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