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County Teams Championship


County Teams Championship  2023-2024
for the Crowhurst Quaich

The County Teams Championship is a knock-out competition running throughout the season.   It is the premier teams competition in the County's calendar, and the winners will be invited to represent the County in the Pachabo Cup (the EBU's inter-counties teams of four competition).  Open only to players whose primary allegiance is to B&BCBA. 

County Teams Championship  2023-2024.

Entries closed on the 13th of September 2023.

There will be no entry charge.

Matches will be played with usual rules as published on the B&B website. Matches will be played on BBO/RB as agreed by the captains or if both captains agree it could be played F2F. There will be 4 stanzas of 6 boards (this is the default and if played the captains will need to agree how to manage the toss) or 2 stanzas of 12 boards each. The captains agree which format to play. The home team captain will be responsible for setting up the match on BBO, this is a relatively easy exercise and is currently free (if the match is to be played on RB contact Mike Ribbins who will set it up). Team captains who wish to enter please send an entry to Mike Ribbins ( The winning team will qualify to play in the EBU’s Pachabo event which will be played on the 8th & 9th of June 2024. The county will pay for the entry fee. 




The 2023-24 County Teams KO competition has now been set up on the EBU on-line Knockout Management System ("EBUKnockout") - see link below.    Captains can start to arrange and play matches as set out in the draw.     Captains can access the competition via thier MyEBU login (see Guidance Notes below).    Captains' contact details for arranging matches have been set up in EBUKnockout (click on your match to display these details).     


For this season matches will be played on BBO (or a mutually agreed online platform) but if both captains agree F2F matches would be OK.