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The County is delighted to announce that the following friendly events will be FREE to enter.   

All Tessa Templeton Memorial Trophy events - 7 High Friendly Pairs (18 boards)

 The Pat Husband Trophy - Jack High Friendly Pairs (20 boards)

The Finchampstead Plate - Jack High Friendly Pairs (20 boards) 


Wiltshire Green Point Weekend 

On-line on RealBridge

Swiss Pairs - Saturday March 5th

Swiss Teams - Sunday March 6th

Click here for further information

Kent One Day Green Pointed Swiss Pairs 

On-line on RealBridge - Sunday 6th March starting at 11am.

7 x 7 board matches with a break of approx 45 minutes after match 3.

Click here for further information to enter online or here to download an entry form. 






RealBridge Issues with iPads using iOS 15

RealBridge have issued setting changes to users of iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 15.

There is a problem where some iPads freeze when they arrive at a table. To solve this problem, RealBridge have updated their advice for iPads with iOS 15, and there are some more settings changes to make.

If you have an iPad, and you have iOS 15, please follow the instructions here:

Even if you did this since 1 December, please do it again as the advice has changed




Friendly Pairs for the Pat Husband Trophy - for pairs with an NGS rating of Jack or less (20 boards)

The second of our three events for the Tessa Templeton Memorial Trophy - for pairs with an NGS rating of 7 or less (18 boards)

to be held on

Realbridge on Sunday 30 January 2022 starting at 1.30 pm


To assist in planning the event, entries should be submitted as soon as possible.

Entries for this event MUST be received via Bookwhen by 5:00 pm on the day BEFORE the event.

These events are FREE to enter but players still need to register via Bookwhen to receive the entry link.

A list of entrants will be updated every 48 hours and can be accessed by clicking the box below.  
Later entrants may still be accepted, but they should phone the Event Director on the County mobile (07401 079752) after 8:00 am on the day of the event.

Players turning up at an event unexpectedly will not be guaranteed to be allowed to play.

The above number should also be used in the event of a late cancellation.

Contact the Friendly Events Organiser Mike Ribbins by Click here to Email  or by Phone: 01189 473207 for more information.






These three friendly events are aimed at players who would not normally compete in county competitions.

They are designed for regular and less experienced club players to play in a friendly and relaxed county environment.

We make special efforts to ensure that the events take place in a friendly atmosphere and so, no matter how inexperienced you feel you are, you can be sure of a warm welcome.  

The Pat Husband Trophy is only open to pairs with a rating of Jack or less on the date of registering on Bookwhen to play in the Tournament  

The Tessa Templeton Memorial Trophy is only open to pairs with an NGS rating of 7 or less on the date of registering on Bookwhen to play in the Tournament