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We are phasing out the acceptance of cheques as payment of table money at B&BCBA events. At county events, table money will be cash only - cheques will not be accepted.  Cheques will continue to be accepted at the Green Point events.

B&BCBA Group Email Facility

The county has set up a new e-group facility that ensures you receive occasional reminders of events and county information via email. You will receive this information automatically if your email is registered in “My Details” within your EBU Members’ area. You can change your email address or unsubscribe by following the simple instructions at the bottom of an email. If you have not registered your email with the EBU but would still like to be added to the B&BCBA list.     

Please email the B&BCBA

Membership Secretary  

Graham Dickens


B&BCBA are keen to reduce the amount of plastic waste which result from the catering at events held at Windsor.   Firstly, we will phase out the use of plastic spoons and change to wooden stirrers.    Secondly, whilst it is not practical for B&BCBA to totally change to using china or other re-useable cups, players are encouraged to bring their own cups if they wish to.


Kent CBA

Green Pointed Swiss Teams

23rd May 2021

Click for here more information

Merseyside and Cheshire CBA

One day Swiss Pairs - The John Armstrong

23rd May 2021

Click here for more information

Oxfordshire Bridge Association

Green Pointed Congress

12th and 13th June 2021

Click here for more information


Hertfordshire BA 

Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

 31st July 2021

Green Pointed Swiss Teams

 1st August 2021

Click here for more information


Change of E-Mail System


B&BCBA is updating its membership emailing system and moving it from Mailchimp to Bridgewebs.  You will notice some cosmetic improvements to our mailings, but most of the changes are “behind the scenes”.

Our Privacy Notice has been updated to reflect the changes, so I will give you only a brief summary of the details here: 

  • We use the EBU's membership database as our master source (this has always been the case)
  • Our membership database contains only very limited information from the EBU's database. These are: Your EBU number, first and last names and your email address
  • Once a quarter, we refresh our membership database by downloading an extract of the latest version of the EBU master database.  We then use this information to update members' email addresses in our membership database
  • If your EBU record's email address field is blank  (as it is for more than 600 cases), you will not receive our emails
  • Access to our membership database is restricted to our membership secretary and our web master
  • This means that, should you change your email address, you will need to update your email address via your EBU membership record – we do not have (and cannot obtain) permission to update your EBU record for you.  

Graham Dickens (B&BCBA Membership Secretary



There is one possible side effect of the move to Bridgewebs that you need to be aware of. 

Should you wish to unsubscribe from our mailings and do so by clicking “Unsubscribe” on one of our mailings, you will be unsubscribing from all emails sent by the service that Bridgewebs uses to distribute all its bulk emails – including your club's emails, if your club uses Bridgewebs to email its members. 

Should you wish to continue to receive emails from the EBU and your club, but not from us, then you should email our membership secretary, who will be able to arrange this for you.    Click here for Membership Secretary




For you convenience please see below the link to the "MY EBU" login page.

Link to EBU Member Login Page

All you will need to login is your EBU number and password.   If you haven't been given a password or you have forgotten it there is a facility on the login page to ask for a new one or re-set it.