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The Peabody games will be held at our alternate site:

Knights of Columbus

96 Main St

Peabody, MA 01960

for the Tues 12:15pm games on:

Sept 27

Oct 4

Oct 11

Oct 18

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Supervised Play Thursdays 10:00-12:00

Please join us for Supervised Play with Stuart Whittle Thursdays at 10:00. See Classes for details.

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Invitation to Our Stratified Open Games

If you’re a newcomer or advancing player, we understand that you may be more comfortable playing in limited games where all the players are at a similar level of experience, the games are shorter, and the pace is more relaxed. We will offer more limited games as interest warrants.

We also invite you to try our open games. Our directors and more experienced players promise to make this a pleasant experience for you! 

All of our games are “stratified.” If your masterpoint holding is in the low ⅓ of the field (the “C stratum”), then you are also ranked and awarded masterpoints as though you had played in a separate game with just the other C pairs. This is a win-win-win situation!

  • If you score in the top 40% of the C stratum, you earn masterpoints—exactly as many masterpoints as you would earn by playing with the other C players in a separate flight.
  • If you do particularly well, you earn a higher masterpoint award in the B or A stratum.
  • You gain experience playing against players of all levels, from beginners to world champions. (In what other game can you play against, learn from, and occasionally beat some of the very best players for about the price of a movie ticket?)

When you play in an open game, we promise:

  • More-experienced players will be nice to you!
  • More-experienced players will not gloat!
  • More-experienced players will not criticize your play!
  • More-experienced players will not give you unrequested advice!
  • More-experienced players will remember when they were in your shoes!
  • If you ask, more-experienced players will be delighted to answer your questions and give you advice about the bidding or play of a board!
    • Please don’t hold up the seven-minute-a-board pace of the game. You might have time to ask (quietly) at the end of a round if you’ve finished early. Otherwise, ask at the end of the session.
    • Don’t ask too much.
    • Asking two experts a question may yield two or more different answers!
  • Sometimes you’ll do better than an expert pair on a board, sometimes for a round, and occasionally over a whole session, and that’s exciting!

If a more-experienced player ever fails to live up to this promise, please tell a director. The director will take appropriate action.

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Please join us Wednesdays, September 21–November 2, 10:30–12:30 for Lesson + Play sessions with Kim Gilman. Please see our Classes page for full information.

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Newcomer (99er) Games Wednesdays at Noon

Please join us Wednesdays at noon in Wellesley for a friendly game. First time playing bridge in-person? Ready to get back to bridge with real cards? Come have fun, meet new friends at your level, earn masterpoints, and enjoy a relaxed game of bridge.

This game is for newer players, or anyone who feels they are still learning the game. It is officially designated a “99er Game” which means you must have fewer than 100 bridge masterpoints to participate. Many of the players are online students who are starting with no masterpoints and playing their first face-to-face bridge!

These are duplicate bridge games where you just play (no lesson). We hope you will come have fun, meet new friends at your level, perhaps earn some bridge masterpoints, and enjoy a relaxed game of bridge.

The games are at Bay State Bridge’s venue in Wellesley: the Italo American Educational Club, 75 Pleasant Street (click here for directions). There is plenty of free parking. The cost is $10 per person (cash or check).

No partner necessary. We guarantee all single players a partner! And tell your friends—all are welcome!

This will be a duplicate bridge game where you will just play (no lesson). But I hope you will come have fun, meet new friends at your level, perhaps earn some bridge masterpoints, and enjoy a relaxed game of bridge.

If you have questions, please contact Bay State Bridge or Kim Gilman (<>, 617-372-6376,

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