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Beaumaris 10:45AM

Hampton 7:00PM


Hampton 12:30PM


Hampton 12:30PM


Hampton 1:00PM




Hampton 10:00



Hampton 1:00PM

Hampton 8:00PM


Hampton 1:00PM

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a list of results see "Results".

  Covid Precautions remain

Covid Safety

  • The wearing of masks in venues is compulsory at present. 
  • Bookings are essential as places are limited. Confirmation will be given
  • It is government policy for all venues in Victoria to enforce QR entry. 
  • The Victorian Government QR check-in app can be downloaded here:
  • If you are feeling unwell please DO NOT come to bridge
  • Please check-in and  sanitise on entering the venues.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at each table. 
  • For everyone's health, sanitising before every round is mandatory at the Bayside Bridge Club.  NOTE:  If you don't like our sanitiser, then please bring your own.
  • Please bring your own pen.
  • Tea and Coffee are now available.  Please sanitise before making your beverage. 
  • Paper cups are being supplied, but please think about helping the environment by bringing your own cup/mug.  Note: Paper cups aren't biodegradeable.
  • It is a condition of entry that all visitors to the RSL (and Beaumaris Bowls Club) adhere to their COVID safety plan.
Last updated : 12th Sep 2021 15:51 ESTA
  Ongoing COVID restrictions


When we are back playing our wondeful game, we need to remain vigilant about remaining Covid Safe. 

So, the following restrictions apply:

  1. Capacity numbers remain in place.
  2. Facemasks are mandatory.
  3. QR check-in is mandatory.
  4. Sanitising before each round is mandatory.

These restrictions will continue until further notice.

So, it is imperative that you book in by texting us on 0493 112 412 or emailing us on  We will reply with a notification that you are either confirmed on the playing list or are unfortunately on the ‘reserve list’.  If players cannot play on the day (or restrictions are eased) we will contact those on the ‘reserve list’, to say that they have been moved onto the playing list. 

As a reminder, here are our session times:



Beaumaris 10:45AM

Hampton 7:00PM


Hampton 12:30PM


Hampton 12:30PM


Hampton 1:00PM




Hampton 10:00



Hampton 1:00PM

Hampton 8:00PM


Hampton 1:00PM




Last updated : 12th Sep 2021 15:50 ESTA
  Some Session Time Changes at the Hampton RSL


As a result of the Hampton RSL wanting to better utilise their bistro and its offerings, they have asked us if we could make the following changes to our session times:

  1. Sunday - from 13th June, our Sunday Duplicate session will start at 1PM rather than 1:30PM.
  2. Tuesday Evening – from Tuesday 15th June, our Supervised sessions will start at 8PM, rather than 7:30PM.

Please note that we are making these changes to accommodate the RSL, who are a wonderful landlord and a fantastic, supportive partner in the growth of bridge in our area. 

The changed arrangements will be reviewed in a few months.

In some exciting news, starting very soon, the RSL will be offering a Bridge Friday Lunch Package.  Keep a look out for the details on the RSL website and around the venue.


Last updated : 12th Sep 2021 15:48 ESTA

Beginner Lessons

Commence 6th and 8th July 2021

To book, click here:  Please book me in

Last updated : 8th Sep 2021 13:12 ESTA


Yes, we're back playing face-to-face, but we are under harsh Covid capacity restrictions,

so it is imperative that you book in either by email ( or text (0493 112 412)

Masks are compulsory, as is applying hand sanitiser before each round.



Last updated : 5th Aug 2021 18:14 ESTA

We all know what a great game Bridge is!

We know how wonderful it is as a social activity and how it has been such a

blessing for many during these recent difficult times.

We also know how important it is to keep our minds active.

If you have a friend who you think might enjoy the game, why not suggest our upcoming

Beginner Lessons.

Or, if you have not played bridge before, at Bayside Bridge Club our focus is on fun and

friendship. Why not come and join us so you too can experience all the great benefits this game has to offer.

Beginner Lessons are run as a series of six two-hour sessions plus two complimentary Supervised sessions.

TO BOOK IN, PLEASE CLICK HERE: Please book me in


Last updated : 29th Jul 2021 21:08 ESTA

The Victorian Government has extended the lockdown for another week. 


So, there will be no face-to-face bridge until at best,  Friday 11th June.


Please check back from time to time, as we will update this website with any changes as soon as they become available.


In the meantime, please stay safe, stay home and if you're out, please wear a mask and sanitise on entering any public venue.


We look forward to seeing you soon. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 



Last updated : 9th Jun 2021 13:46 ESTA
  ALERT! No bridge until Friday 4th June

As the Victorian Government has announced a seven-day lockdown in a bid to curb a growing coronavirus outbreak, there will be no Bridge sessions from Friday 28th May until (and including) Thursday 3th June.

The Deputy Premier has said that the restrictions could end sooner if circumstances improve quickly enough.  So, please keep checking our website to see if bridge will commence any earlier.

 As things stand, our first session will be at 12:30PM on Friday 4th June. 

We look forward to seeing you then.     



Last updated : 3rd Jun 2021 14:23 ESTA

The Victorian Government announced new COVID restrictions today due to an outbreak in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.  The restrictions currently continue until 4th June.

These restrictions affect the number of people able to gather in homes and in public gatherings, but at this stage do not affect us playing bridge, except that we will have to wear masks again.

The main reason that we are not affected is because we and the RSL have a COVID Safe Plan and have been diligent with QR check in. 

So, please be reassured that bridge goes ahead at this stage and that we will continue to emphasise QR check in and sanitising at the table.  Also, masks will be mandatory.

Might we take this time to remind everyone that if you are not feeling well, or have a cough or the sniffles, that it is best not to come to bridge.  One of the side effects of the isolation of COVID was that most of us avoided the cold and flu season last year, but that has made us more susceptible this year. So, let’s try to protect one another by not exposing each other to the cold and flu.

NOTE:  We will keep an eye on developments, so please check back on the website from time to time to see if we have any updates on the COVID situation. 

Last updated : 27th May 2021 16:50 ESTA

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Bayside Congress:


1st Phyllis Moritz - Len Meyer

2nd Kim Frazer - Lisa Yoffa

3rd Tim Legge - Chelliah Arul

Category B

1st Penny Blankfield - Sue Read

2nd Karen Thompson - Patricia Bellamy

Bayside Open

1st Sally Murray-White - Geoff Whiting

2nd Jenny Homer - Marion Spurrier 

3rd Susie Groves - Terry Earle

Bayside Novice

1st Annabelle O'Brien - Dina Charpentier

2nd Melanie Ramsden - Phil Smith

Overall Results


Last updated : 9th May 2021 11:43 ESTA

          2021 Bayside Autumn Congress

          Swiss Pairs - Red Points

         Saturday, 1st May at 10am

         (please arrive by 9:30am)

         Beaumaris Bowls Club, Martin Street Beaumaris

          Mel Ref 86 E8

          $40 per person 
          Prizes for every section
          Bring your own lunch

          QR Code check-in compulsory. 

NOTE: The Victorian Government QR check-in app can be downloaded here:


         Conducted under current VBA rules & regulations

  • System cards mandatory
  • Highly artificial systems not permitted
  • Entries may be refused at discretion of Convenor
  • Entries seeded at discretion of Director

Entries close:         30 April, 70 entries limit

Director:        Martin Willcox
Host:              Bayside Bridge Club  0493 112 412

or email:



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Last updated : 2nd May 2021 20:12 ESTA
  No Bridge on ANZAC DAY, 25th April 2021


In reverance for ANZAC Day, there will be no bridge this Sunday.

No Bridge on ANZAC DAY, 25th April 2021
Last updated : 25th Apr 2021 14:03 ESTA
Club 70 updated


For many of us a percentage score over 50% is pretty good.  You may even win the event. 
A percentage above 60% is generally good enough to win an event.
Achieving a score of above 70% is quite rare. Well done!

To see who's on the list, clicke hereClub 70



Last updated : 30th Mar 2021 14:37 EADT
  New Custodians

We are so excited that Jan and Peter have entrusted us to look after the Bayside Bridge Club.   Bayside Bridge Club will continue to foster bridge players of all standards in a safe, social and welcoming environment.

We have enjoyed meeting many of you over the last couple of weeks.  We look forward to forging deeper relationships.  We thought we’d share a little bit about ourselves.

Roxy Kruger – I work in the financial planning industry, am a bridge, dog, beach and food lover but most importantly, a mother of two wonderful boys who are now at university.  I started playing bridge at an all girls school “to meet boys” as the bridge club played against our brother school.  That plan was successful as some of the friends I made there remain friends today.  I have played with many of you since I joined Bayside Bridge Club around 13 years ago (where I started learning about systems for the first time).  

 Glen Kruger - Most importantly, I’m Roxy’s husband, privileged to be so and lucky to have had her in my life for the last 30 or so years.  It’s our 29th anniversary this year.  I have worked in the non-profit world for most of my working life and am excited to be taking on the challenge of running a bridge club.  You will have to bear with me as I learn the ropes and learn the game of bridge, which Roxy loves so much. Rest assured though, I am a quick learner and looking forward to having you all show me how to continue to make Bayside Bridge Club the club where everyone feels comfortable and valued.

 Alastair Lowe - I've spent most of my working life in the finance and industrial services industries. I was introduced to kitchen bridge about 15 years ago and have been a member of Bayside for about 7 years.  The opportunity to combine my two biggest loves - working with people and bridge is one I couldn't pass by.  

Last updated : 29th Mar 2021 12:24 EADT
  A Loving Farewell to Jan and Peter 😢
A Loving Farewell to Jan and Peter 😢

What a wonderful send-off for Peter & Jan. May they have a happy retirement and come home to visit us often. 🥳

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2021 23:25 EADT
  Special Announcement!
Special Announcement!

A Special Message from Jan and Peter

After 15 wonderful years of Bridge and friends, lessons and competitions, parties and cakes, tea parties and charity days, and of course drinkies after the game, the time has come to retire…..

We made it through COVID, with plenty of time to think about the next chapter of our lives. We have many things still left to do, many places still to visit and of course our wonderful family to enjoy.

It’s a heart wrenching decision, for we will miss you all, but the time has come to retire.


We have thought very seriously about who we could find to carry the club forward in our same style, encouraging safe, social, and fair play that we all expect at Bayside Bridge club.

And so, it is with great pleasure we welcome three wonderful people, who believe wholly in our ethos of fostering a safe friendly and social environment.  We are very pleased, in fact thrilled to announce the new owners of Bayside Bridge Club, you know 2 of them already, Alastair Lowe (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and Roxy Kruger (Sunday and Monday evening) joined by Roxy’s charming husband Glen. We feel extremely comfortable to leave you in their very capable hands. Peter has even shared with Glen some of your favourite recipes!

We could not have retired without leaving you in safe hands. Hands that will guide and nurture the club, one of the oldest clubs in Melbourne, started in the mid-sixties, and now one of the larger clubs.   We’re absolutely sure the club will continue to grow and provide a fabulous service to all bridge players new and old.

Rest assured Karen will still be involved as will Denise and Val, Sally and Geoff which is great, you’ll hardly miss us at all!

Peter and I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to you all!   

All of you have made the Bayside club the very wonderful friendly club that it is. For a club is nothing without its members …… and you’re the BEST !!    We will be around until early March then we’re off on a road trip, one Peter has been planning for a while.

We wish Roxy, Alastair and Glen …… and you….. all the very best
Happy Bridging
Jan and Peter     

Covid Safety

  • Bookings are essential as places are limited. Confirmation will be given
  • We strongly recommend you download the COVIDsafe App
  • If you are feeling unwell please DO NOT come to bridge
  • Please sign in and  sanitise on entering the venues.
  • Masks no longer need to be worn inside.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be available at each table.
  • Please bring your own pen
  • Players will be required to sanitise before each round.
  • The windows will be open, so come prepared, wear layers of clothing to cater for any temperature
  • Refreshments will not be provided, which is sad as we do love cake! So please bring water snacks etc. The Bar will be open at 2pm for coffee orders and of course after the game.
  •  It is a condition of entry that all visitors to the RSL adhere to the COVID safety plan as stated by the RSL, together with any additional requirements as directed by the Bayside Bridge Club during their visit.

Remember you are only as safe as the other players sitting at your table, that includes YOU



Last updated : 7th Mar 2021 14:26 EADT
Last updated : 7th Mar 2021 14:25 EADT
  Covid19 Restrictions Update 17 February 2021

"From 11:59pm tonight, we will largely return to the previous rules – while keeping a watchful eye on some of the riskier settings.

There’ll no longer be four reasons to leave home. The five-kilometre restriction will no longer apply.

Restaurants and retail can reopen. Same too with community facilities, entertainment venues and all other public places – although some additional limits on crowd sizes will be in place."

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews today. (17/02/2021)

Last updated : 17th Feb 2021 11:47 EADT
  Latest Covid News 12 February 2021

UPDATE: Friday 12th February, 2021.


Effective 11.59pm Friday 12th February
to 11.59pm Wednesday 17th February, 2021.

All Victorians will by now be aware that our whole state will go into lockdown, effective 11.59pm tonight, for 5 days.

So unfortunately this means NO BRIDGE state-wide for 5 days, from midnight tonight.

Last updated : 16th Feb 2021 17:03 EADT
  Previous Items of News

2021   …..   We’re  Back !

Commencing Friday January 15th all sessions are now back to normal, COVID normal! All except Tuesday evening supervised which will commence February 2nd .
Bookings essential all sessions    SMS   Jan on  0418 556 382

Sunday     1.30 – 4.30pm
Monday     12.30 – 3.30pm  at Hampton RSL*
Monday Eve     7.00 – 10.00pm
Wednesday     12.30 – 3.30pm
Friday     12.30 – 3.30pm

Relaxed Duplicate
Thursday     10.00am – noon 

Tuesday     1.00 – 3.00pm at Hampton RSL
Thursday     1.00 – 3.00pm
Tuesday Eve commencing February 2nd   7.30 – 9.30pm

Lessons for 2021

Bridge Basic Lessons

Set of 4 weekly lessons teaches you the basics; it’s easy, quick and most of all fun.
Before you know it, you will be enjoying the great game of Bridge
Cost $75 includes detailed notes, help card, plus two Supervised sessions
Tuesday 7:30pm starting 2nd February
Thursday 10am starting 28th January
both at Hampton RSL 
25 Holyrood St., Hampton
For bookings or more information call
Jan 0418 556 382

Improver Lessons

Improver lessons are designed for players who know basic bridge, have been playing for a short time and now want to develop their skills
Playing Notrump – 16th or 18th March
Transfers – 23rd or 25th March
Stayman – 30th March or 1st April
Playing Trumps – 6th or 9th April
Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 10am at Hampton RSL

Cost: Bayside members $20 per lesson, non-members $25.
Lessons run for 2 hours, have an emphasis on card play, notes provided
More information & bookings contact
Jan   0418 556 382 or

2020  News

Bowlers win overall!

Bayside Bridge bowls team "End Play" win the slab for the largest margin win! Well done team!










Cocktails at Government House

Jan and Geoff met Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria at Government House during a cocktail party to celebrate the 80th Australian National Championships being held in Melbourne.

Geoff Whiting worked tirelessly behind the scene producing the match booklets for every event. No mean feat! 
Jan was representing Bayside Bridge Club one of the many sponsors invited.










Club 70

For many of us a percentage score over 50% is pretty good.  You may even win the event. 
A percentage above 60% is generally good enough to win an event.
Achieving a score of above 70% is quite rare, you have really played well. 
To recognize that achievement there is now a list of all players who have scored over 70% in the last 2 years.

Click here to see who's made the list.




Lots of RED point events are coming your way in 2021

Watch for further details.

Check the Calendar for our next Red point session.

Last updated : 16th Feb 2021 17:01 EADT