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Welcome to Bayside Bridge Club
Oktoberfest Lessons - sans beer 😊

Last updated : 22nd Sep 2022 16:19 ESTA

At Bayside Bridge Club, we believe in promoting our community within our community.  To this end, we have invited our members (and their families) who own businesses, to become part of our Business Directory.  That way, if a member needs a plumber, or financial advice, or their wooden floors touched up, they know that they can turn to our directory and have confidence that they are not only getting the best quality services, but that they are helping a fellow member.  There is no cost to being part of our Directory. 





Cathcarts Antiques

Telephone: Barrie Cathcart 0415 607 324 Email:

Web Address:

I am happy to advise on buying, selling, collecting or restoring antiques.  I have been dealing in antiques for the last 35 years and mainly specialising in English porcelain and pottery from the C 18 th & C 19 th and pharmacy related antiques but I also have a broad knowledge of English and European antiques.

Please explore our on-line gallery at your leisure.



Without Pier Gallery

Telephone: 0419 541 892  Email:

Web Address:

Without Pier Gallery offers an eclectic range of art and artifacts from renowned and rising Australian and Aboriginal artists.  Without Pier have a wide selection of pieces to suit all personal tastes, decor and price range.  

A visit to their website is a virtual tour that will amaze and enthral. 



Compliance Essentials

Telephone: Gillian 1300 602 880 Email:


All business management needs from incorporating a new business to being part of an exciting new project or navigating post pandemic strategies. Our services are tailored to your business needs; always happy to have an initial no obligation chat.



PMD Financial Advisers

Telephone: Roxy 9824 0001  Email:

Web address:

Our aim is to manage and provide a highly customised and unique service to support your family’s longer-term wealth management and lifestyle aspirations whilst seeking to maximise investment returns and support family values and legacies.



Contemporary Flooring Solutions

110 Patterson Rd Bentleigh 3204

Telephone:  Ken or Georgia 95574877  Email:

Web address:

All timber flooring sales/installation/sanding and polishing.

Family business.



Bayside Tai Chi Centre

Tai Chi classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at various venues in the Bayside area.

Telephone: Jackie Watt 0416 810 259

Tai Chi helps to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and relaxation.

Please contact Jackie for further information.



Hourglass Candles


Web address: 

At Hourglass candles we upcycle beer, wine, champagne and spirit bottles to create the glasses for our candles!  Each candle is custom made with a variety of different fragrances!  

We aim to be a zero waste, sustainable business.



East Burwood Travel & Cruise

Telephone:  Margaret Costello  Email:

Web address:

Independence gives East Burwood Travel the freedom to choose the best airlines and travel wholesalers for our clients needs. This means we are better placed to tailor make your holiday.

We do not have the large franchise fees and restrictions of other agency groups resulting in better prices and service for our customers.



Last updated : 27th Aug 2022 14:21 ESTA

There's a lovely article on our club in the latest ABF newsletter. 

You can view the full newsletter here:

Last updated : 2nd Aug 2022 16:44 ESTA

In line with the state government, we will be encouraging the wearing of masks at our games.  It’s not mandatory, but a small thing like wearing a mask can do so much to stop the spread of illness, especially in close environments.  You never know who around you might be immunocompromised.

A Harvard Covid study concluded the following:

“A mask helps keep the wearer from spreading airborne viruses while breathing, speaking, or coughing. Current evidence suggests that the person wearing a mask also reaps benefits, although the greatest benefit occurs when everyone wears a mask. In places where COVID-19 cases are substantial or high, wearing a mask in public indoors may help protect you and prevent spread to others. Remember, not all children are eligible for vaccines and boosters, and anyone whose immune system is compromised by illness or treatments needs to be protected from COVID-19.”

Obviously, we’ll continue to insist on sanitising at the start of each round and will keep tables as far apart as possible.

Last updated : 27th Jul 2022 14:57 ESTA

We are so excited to announce that we will be sponsoring two programs on Golden Days Radio. 

Established in Moorabbin in 1992, GDR 95.7fm are a community radio station that “cater to the void left behind by the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia in our hearts and minds”.

They play music with a broad appeal ranging from the 1930’s to the 1980, from classical, to movies, to Broadway and good old rock ‘n roll.

We feel that there is a great synergy between ourselves and GDR, not only in demography and geography, but also in our love of community and bringing people together. 

Even more so, because two of their presenters are also members of Bayside Bridge Club. 
So, we are ecstatic to be sponsoring ‘Sunday Breakfast with Jack Saunderson’ (8am to 12midday)  and ‘Thursday Afternoon with Prudence Vernall’ (12midday to 3pm)!
Please tune in to Jack and Prudence and GDR generally on 95.7fm They’re also online at:

To listen to them anywhere, they have apps that you can download onto your phone, just visit their website:
We see this as a way to not only support a community radio station, but also an opportunity to achieve one of our primary reasons to exist –

to promote and grow the game of bridge in the Bayside community.



Last updated : 24th May 2022 14:42 ESTA
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