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Welcome to Bayside Bridge Club
No Bridge on ANZAC DAY, 25th April 2021


In reverance for ANZAC Day, there will be no bridge this Sunday.

No Bridge on ANZAC DAY, 25th April 2021

          2021 Bayside Autumn Congress

          Swiss Pairs - Red Points

         Saturday, 1st May at 10am

         (please arrive by 9:30am)

         Beaumaris Bowls Club, Martin Street Beaumaris

          Mel Ref 86 E8

          $40 per person 
          Prizes for every section
          Bring your own lunch

          QR Code check-in compulsory

         Conducted under current VBA rules & regulations

  • System cards mandatory
  • Highly artificial systems not permitted
  • Entries may be refused at discretion of Convenor
  • Entries seeded at discretion of Director

Entries close:         30 April, 70 entries limit

Director:        Martin Willcox
Host:              Bayside Bridge Club  0493 112 412

or email:



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Opener’s and Responder’s Second bids

27  or  29  April

You’ve opened, your partner has responded.   Where the heck do you go from here?????

Do you realise that your next bids should establish not only a bottom range but also a top range for your point count?

Do you know when a bid is a “forcing bid” and what it means?

Do you know what a “reverse” is?

Everything you need to know about bidding but were too afraid to ask!



4  or  6  May

Double Double

Toil and Trouble

Contracts will burn and Partners bubble

You’ll get in a right Muddle

If you can’t Double

Most club players don’t use doubles anywhere near enough!

Doubles don’t increase the bidding level and are therefore a great way to give information to your partner.

Did you know that there are 4 basic kinds of doubles all with different meanings?

You need to double!!  Often!!


Opening Leads

11  or  13  May

You are on Opening Lead.  What are you going to choose and why?

The Opening Lead is often the most crucial decision you make as a defender!

The Opening Lead can often make or break the opposition’s contract.

It is your first point of attack.    

Are you up to it, or do you just choose the 3rd card from the left.

Is partner likely to say “What were you thinking!!???!!”


Pre-emptive Bidding

18  or  20  May

“I haven’t got many points in my hand, but I’ve got an awful lot of hearts! Shouldn’t I let partner know about this?”


“My partner has made a bid that tells me that they have an awful lot of hearts.  What do I do now?  How do I know how many points they’ve got?   My hand’s quite good.  Maybe we can go higher to game level.  Help!      Should I do something?”


Pre-emptive bids have got the added benefit that these bids get right up the opposition’s nose!!!


Tuesday @ 7:30pm    or     Thursday @ 10am

at Hampton RSL

2 hour lessons, emphasis on card plan, notes provided

Bayside members $20 per lesson, non-members $25

To book

Call or text: Glen on 0493 112 412

Or email:

Covid Precautions remain

Covid Safety

  • Bookings are essential as places are limited. Confirmation will be given
  • We strongly recommend you download the COVIDsafe App
  • If you are feeling unwell please DO NOT come to bridge
  • Please sign in and  sanitise on entering the venues.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be available at each table.
  • Please bring your own pen.
  • Players will be required to sanitise before each round.
  • Tea and Coffee are now available.  Please sanitise before making your beverage. 
  • Paper cups are being supplied, but please think about helping the environment by bringing your own cup/mug.
  • It is a condition of entry that all visitors to the RSL (and Beaumaris Bowls Club) adhere to their COVID safety plan.

Remember you are only as safe as the other players sitting at your table, that includes YOU

Venue Info

Hampton RSL

25 Holyrood St
Hampton 3188

Beaumaris Bowls Club 

1 Martin Street
Beaumaris 3193