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Open Teams session

NEW daytime f2f Open Session

Wednesday afternoons @ Shaft Road, 2.15 for 2.30 pm starting on 6th April

This new session is designed to give Open players a slot to play daytime face-to-face bridge. It's aimed at the same standard as our current Open sessions (Tuesday evening f2f and Thursday evening on BBO) and convention cards are required.

Initially, as numbers build up, this will run as a Teams event, giving us a viable and worthwhile contest even with as few as two or three tables. If you and your partner would like to play:

  • Please register for the game, preferably no later than the Monday before, by email to:
  • Teams can be formed in advance or simply paired up on the day.
  • Results will be submitted to the EBU, with X-imp scores used for players' NGS ratings (ie on the performance of each pair rather than the whole team). So no need to bicker over team-mates!
  • To avoid half tables, we will be arranging a rota of pairs who are willing to stand down in case of an odd number of pairs. They will know in advance whether they need to turn up. *

Please support this new venture if you can and provide a link to this page to any friends/partners who may be interested.

While we don't need large numbers to make it work, this could turn into a favourite daytime location for Open players ...

* As numbers rise, registration and the rota will no longer be needed: with an odd number of pairs, we can simply revert to a Pairs game with a sitout.