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Assisted Play Sessions

                   IMPROVE YOUR BRIDGE with ASSISTED PLAY                   

Maybe you're an 'improving player' feeling that you're not quite ready for the cut and thrust of 'real' bridge. Or maybe you'd just like to slow down a bit and play a relaxed game with a bit of help when you need it. Or you may be a more experienced player starting out with an inexperienced partner and looking for a gentle, friendly environment where you can both find your feet.

Our Assisted Play sessions might be just what you're looking for.

What happens in an Assisted Play Session?

It's a 'proper' game of Duplicate Bridge but with a teacher at hand. Yes, there are winners and losers, but the focus is more on learning than competing.

♣  We play 14-15 real hands of bridge that have previously been played by more experienced club members in one of our normal club sessions. ♣  

 If you're not sure what to bid (or lead!), you can call the teacher over and ask for help. 

 Each hand is accompanied by a 'traveller' (above) which shows who did what on the normal club night, so you can see how well you did in comparison. 

♠ Each week we choose one useful hand and write it up as Hand of the week. ♠

Partners: It's not necessary to 'come with a partner'. You can play with a pre-arranged partner or simply find a partner on the day. Just turn up in good time! If there's an odd number of players, the teacher will make up a 4th for the auction period.


Wednesday 10–12.45 pm at Bath Bridge Club please arrive by 9.50.


Oldfield Old Boys Rugby Club, Shaft Rd, Monkton Combe, BA27HP free parking


Most sessions will be run by Chris Jones or Trevor Purches. Chris and Trevor ran the very successful Play & Learn Assisted Play sessions in Box village Pavilion for more than 10 years until Covid closed it down, and have now reopened in the more spacious environment of Bath BC.

COST Table money for this session is £7 NOW £5 per person.

If you have any queries, please email