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Table money payments
Paying & playing with Bath BC

We are now using the cashless payment facility on the Club website for collecting table money for all our f2f and online games.

Members have individual playing accounts, which they are asked to credit with either £20 payments or larger amounts (which are preferred because they cut down on the number of transactions).  Please keep your account in credit and have sufficient funds available before registering or playing a club session.  Table money is then deducted automatically, and members are sent a monthly balance statement.  

The system uses your EBU number, so please ensure you know this.  

Annual subscriptions are recorded elsewhere and will not show on your playing account. See below for payment methods.

How to check your account balance
How to check your account balance

This is easily done:

  • select Membership from the menu and log in. * 
  • Once in the Members’ area click on the Payments A/C tab. This shows your current balance, along with a list of recent credits and debits.


If you need to set/reset your password, select the blue question mark icon (under the Stonehenge image). This will open the guide to BridgeWebs Help and you need Item 4.1, which will take you through the steps.

Paying into your Playing Account
Paying into your Playing Account

Payment may be made by any of the methods below. Please note it may take up to a week for payments to appear.

Online to:
Payee (business account): Bath Bridge Club
Account Number:      46853283
Sort Code:                   09 01 54
REFERENCE                 YOUR EBU NO - THIS IS VITAL not doing so makes a lot of work for the Treasurer.

A typical payment screen is shown left. Please note that payments of £20 and upwards are preferred. The more you pay in, the less often you will need to top up!

If you don't have internet banking, you can give cash or a cheque to a willing friend or committee member and ask them to make the payment for you, using your EBU NO as as reference.

You will receive a
low balance alert when your balance drops below £4.00.

Any problems, please email the Treasurer:

Paying annual subscriptions
Paying annual subscriptions

Annual subscriptions (£15) may be paid by the same methods outlined above but as a separate amount  – please do NOT include subs with playing money. The reference should be simply SUB, instead of your EBU number (ie just SUB, nothing else).Your bank details will identify you.

Someone else (eg your partner) can make the payment for you. Ask them to use SUB followed by your name as a reference.

Subscriptions are recorded elsewhere and will not show on your playing account.

Richard Turner, for the Committee – updated on 4th March 2021