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Making friends ...

How do I meet other players on BBO?

One of the first things you'll want to do is to find your partner(s) and other friends on the site so that you can 'meet up' and have a chat before (and after) you play.

To do this, you make them 'friends' or 'follow' them, which is pretty easy if you know their BBO username.

First you need to get into the 'people' area: do this by clicking on the  People  tab on the right – when you do, it'll turn yellow. This will list all of your 'friends' who are currently online. If you haven't made any yet, read on ...

Method 1: Use the Add Friend box

First make sure that you're in the 'Friends' biit – the word 'Friends' at the top of the page should have a horizontal line under it. Like this:  

The Add Friend box is right at the bottom of the People section. Simply type in the player's BBO username and click on the  Add  button.

   You don't get any confirmatory feedback, but it works! Alternatively ...

Method 2: Use the Search box

Still in the  People  section, scroll right at the top until you're in the Search area. Now the horizontal line's under the word 'Search' (see pic, right).

Type in the player's username in the Search box (bottom of page) and press the  Search  button. This will bring up a whole string of names with your friend's username (and probably real name too) at the top. (If is doesn't, you've typed it wrong!)

Now click on the username. This will bring up a popup box containing his/her profile, and you'll see Relationship:  Neutral . Click on the  Neutral  and select  Follow  instead. Job done.

 (If you fall out later, you can pull the profile up again and change the relationship back to  Neutral  or even to  Ignore .)