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Bath Replays
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 Replays 1-10 (Dec 2006 - May 2007)
  1. Stay flexible   Trevor Purches on keeping your wits about you in declarer play
  2. Rule of 20 rules OK   Game and slam missed - but who's to blame, asks Jim Corbett
  3. Locked in dummy   Jim Corbett relives a nightmarish memory
  4. An extra chance   Chris Jones learns from his mistake in missing a slam
  5. Nil desperandum   Trevor Purches manages to avoid apologising to his partner
  6. When not to bid (1)   In this mini-series of cautionary tales ...
  7. When not to bid (2)   ... Peter Sampson explores three situations in which ...
  8. When not to bid (3)   ... the Pass card would have been the wisest option
  9. A little learning   Chris Jones learns from another mistake, this time in defence
  10. Short and sweet   Snappy bidding - and even snappier play - courtesy of Peter van Praag

    Replays 11-20 (June 2007 - Oct 2007)
  11. A spanner in the works   A successful psychic bid, recorded by Peter Sampson
  12. Double jeopardy   How a double can help declarer: plot by Pat Davies, text by Chris Jones
  13. Strong and shapely   Peter Sampson on bidding strong distributional hands
  14. Hindsight   Declarer Simon Hill looks back at what might have been
  15. It never rains ...   A sad tale from a dismal summer, ruefully recalled by Jim Corbett
  16. A positional squeeze   A more advanced offering from Peter Sampson
  17. Leading the way   James Dunlop on the virtues of the lead-directing bid
  18. Two bites at the cherry   Chris Jones discovers the the text books really are right
  19. Bid up, play up   Peter Sampson stretches and distorts his way into a successful slam
  20. Risk vs Reward   Peter van Praag encourages his partner into a slam holding zero points

    Replays 21-30 (Nov 2007 - Dec 2008)
  21. Lucky miss   Insights aren't always profitable, as Chris Jones discovers
  22. Opening light   Peter Sampson's light opening bid leads to a slam
  23. An unusual score   The score in question being +560, by Peter Sampson
  24. An automatic double squeeze   A follow-up to Peter Sampson's positional squeeze Replay (no 16)
  25. Extra bids and reevaluation   Simon Hill misses a nuance - and a cold game contract
  26. When not to bid (5)   There are times to make a protective bid, but this isn't one, explains Peter Sampson
  27. Room for improvement   Beating the room is what matters, not making your contract, as Chris Jones discovers
  28. Sleight of hand   James Dunlop celebrates his partner's magical card-play in no trumps
  29. Always lead a heart against 3NT   Stands to reason, doesn't it? as Roger Bendall explains
  30. Ethics and etiquette   The way it ought to be, reported by Peter van Praag

    Replays 31-  (Jan 2009 -  )
  31. Thinking it through   Chris Jones almost brings off a textbook ending
  32. Making the unmakeable   Poor defence allows John Whittleton to make an impossible contract
  33. Trump reduction at the table   utilised to profitable effect by Trevor Purches
  34. Do not finesse   Count defenders' points and remember the bidding, counsels Phil Green
  35. The Butler did it!   A bizarre bidding sequence gives Peter van Praag a satisfying swing at teams scoring
  36. Misfit, misbid, misplayed   Jim Corbett and his partner fall victim to a sadistic computer program
  37. Payday at the Corwen   Simon Hill enlists Ron Klinger's help against tough opposition
  38. Be specific!   Paul Keightley advocates a useful twist in RKCB to reach the grand slam
  39. Wise after (much after!) the event   Peter van Praag laments a missed inference.
  40. Duck and get a duck   Prabir Nandi on when not to duck in No trumps.