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Data privacy notice
Bath Bridge Club Data Privacy Notice


What data do we collect and why?


Bath BC collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation and participant in an internationally recognised and regulated, competitive mind sport. The Club keeps a record of members’ names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and EBU numbers. Personal data is supplied by members on joining Bath BC.


This information is used to contact members, generally via e-mail, about club activities and to send new members’ details to the EBU. Results of events are displayed on our website and submitted to the EBU for use in the EBU’s National Grading Scheme and for allocating Master Points.


We record annual subscriptions, including whether these qualify for Gift Aid, as the Club is a registered charity. We do not record bank details.


Bath Bridge Club, registered charity no. 1150133, is the ‘Data Controller’ for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.


Who is your data shared with?


Your membership data is passed to the EBU of which you become a member on joining BBC. The EBU shares data with Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association or any other county you may have nominated as your county of allegiance. We do not share your data with any other third party.


The names of playing members and visitors are published in the results tables on our website which is available to the general public. With the exception of results information, members may request the deletion of any personal data that appears on the Club website by a specific request to the Secretary.


How your data is stored


Membership data is mainly stored in Microsoft Excel, password protected and accessible only by Bath BC committee officers, the Club Chief Tournament Director and the Membership Secretary. Completed membership application forms are retained by the Club. If you want to see or change the membership data we hold about you please email the club ( and your request will be passed to the Membership Secretary.


The EBU’s Data Privacy Notice may be accessed at