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Welcome to Bath Bridge Club
About Bath Bridge Club
About Bath Bridge Club
The club offers six weekly sessions, 4 face-to-face and two online with BBO:
  • Tuesday morning 9.45 for 10: Allcomers Social Pairs (f2f
  • Tuesday evening 7.00 for 7.15: Open Pairs (f2f)
  • Wednesday morning 9.45 for 10: Relaxed Pairs (online)
  • Wednesday evening 7.00 for 7.15: Social Pairs (f2f)
  • Thursday morning 9.45 for 10.00: Relaxed Pairs (f2f)
  • Thursday evening 6.45 for 7.00: Open Pairs (online)

We also offer two teaching sessions: A Beginners' Course on Monday afternoons and Assisted Play on Wednesday mornings.

For more information, see further down this page.

Bath Bridge Club, Registered Charity 1150133 
Road closure - no f2f bridge 16-19 May
Road closure - no f2f bridge 16-19 May

A reminder that as we said in our May news email, Shaft Road will be closed this week, and our normal f2f sessions will therefore be transferred online. Wednesday morning's Assisted Play session is cancelled. We look forward to seeing you on BBO for the following:

  • Tuesday morning Allcomers Social pairs 9.15 for a 10.00 am start
  • Tuesday evening Open Pairs 7.00 for a 7.15 pm start
  • Wednesday evening Social Pairs 7.00 for a 7.15 pm start
  • Thursday morning Relaxed Pairs 9.45 for a 10.00 am start

These sessions will run in addition to our normal online sessions on Wed morning and Thurs evening.

All face-to-face sessions will resume as normal in the week beginning Monday 23 May

A note on our session labels

Whereas in the past we've categorised our sessions with reference to NGS grades, we're now focusing more on the feel of the session.

Relaxed   (formerly 9 HIGH and Improvers): the name says it all!
Social   A bit more challenging than Relaxed. This is suitable for most of our members.
Open  A bit more challenging than Social

While members are free to attend whatever sessions they find suit them, all members are actively invited to play in our Allcomers Social Pairs at the club.

Face-to-face sessions @ Bath BC
Face-to-face sessions @ Bath BC

Allcomers Social Pairs  –  Tuesday 9.45 for 10 am  

24 boards – everyone welcome

Open Pairs  –  Tuesday 7.00 for 7.15 pm

26/27 boards – at the challenging end of social

Social Pairs  –  Wednesday 7.00 for 7.15 pm

24 boards – social but with a competitive edge

Relaxed Pairs  –  Thursday 9.45 for 10.00 am

up to 20 boards – for those wanting a more easy going session

Please arrive in good time – you will need your EBU number

Table money: £4.00 per player, payable IN ADVANCE please via our automatic 'float' payment system.

Well played!

Allcomers Social Pairs f2f Tues 03 May
Judy Corson & Penny Ewing (1st )
Paul Cooper & Richard Samter (2nd)

Open Pairs f2f Tues 03 May
Elaine Taylor & Duncan Ferguson (1st)
Paul Cooper & David Cooper (2nd)

Relaxed Pairs BBO Wed 04 May
Jim Harvey & Suzanne Grist (1st)
Chris & Theresa Franklin (2nd)

Open Teams f2f Wed 04 May
A draw between Paul Cooper, David Cooper, Helen Parkes, Duncan Ferguson and James Dunlop, Angela Gunning, Jane Portnall, Elaine Taylor

Social Pairs f2f Wed 04 May
Ken Littlewood & David Quine (1st)
Malcolm Clarke & Mary Rea (2nd)

Relaxed Pairs f2f Thurs 05 May
Judy Corson & Penny Ewing (1st NS)
Anne Spragge & Sheila Morton (1st EW)

Open Pairs BBO Thurs 05 May
John Treble & Richard Moore (1st)
Julia Charlton & Fred Hart (2nd)

Bath Brunswick Mixed Pairs Fri 29 Apr 
Andrew Clarke & Norbert Hoffmann (1st)
Stephen Moss & Detlef Müller (2nd)
Jane Portnall & Andreas Land (3rd)

For Wilts results, click below

Coming up ...

Kingswood Charity Bridge Day
Kingswood Charity Bridge Day

Saturday 21 May 10am–4pm @ Kingswood School, Bath

Coffee, bridge, lunch + wine, bridge, afternoon tea £25 pp

All proceeds will go to the Open Arms Infant Home in Malawi.

Contact Jenny Opie: or 01225 734200

Available on BBO ...

 FREE  Bath/Brunswick pairs – Fridays at 14.45 pm

Games are played on BBO 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month*.  (*Next game is 6th May).
Every fifth Friday we play Mixed Pairs; each Bath player is matched with a Brunswick player.  Next Mixed Pairs is Friday 29th July. 
Once your names are registered with Brunswick (email you're eligible to play: 
Competitions>Free Tournaments>Pending>Knobeline.

EBU daily games

Competitive Pairs – 12 boards 4 times daily:
at 2.00, 3.30, 7.30 & 9.00 pm

+ a daily Fast Game at 12 noon

Relaxed Pairs – 12 boards daily at 11 am and 7.30 pm
open to players up to & incl NGS 9

Allcomers Social Pairs BBO
Director: Trevor
Scorer: Trevor
Relaxed Pairs F2F
Director: Andrew C
Scorer: Neil
Open Pairs BBO
Director: Trevor
Scorer: Trevor
Relaxed Pairs BBO
Director: Sriram
Assisted Play F2F
Director: Trevor
Scorer: Trevor
Social Pairs F2F
Director: John
Scorer: Neil
Allcomers Social Pairs F2F
Director: Sriram
Scorer: Neil
Tue 17th May 2022
Open Pairs BBO
7.00 for 7.15
BBO as Shaft Rd closed.
Director: Sriram
Wed 18th May 2022
Relaxed Pairs BBO
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Jane
Wed 18th May 2022
Social Pairs BBO
7 for 7.15 pm
BBO due to Shaft Rd closure.
Director: Anne
Thu 19th May 2022
Relaxed Pairs BBO
9.45 for 10 am
BBO due to Shaft Rd closure
Director: Jane
Thu 19th May 2022
Open Pairs BBO
6.45 for 7 pm
Director: Trevor
Tue 24th May 2022
Allcomers Social Pairs F2F
9.45 for 10 am
Director: James
Scorer: Neil
Tue 24th May 2022
Open Pairs F2F
7.00 for 7.15
Director: Frances
Scorer: Paul