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Welcome to Bath Bridge Club
About Bath Bridge Club
About Bath Bridge Club
The club offers seven weekly sessions, 5 face-to-face and two online with BBO:
  • Tuesday morning 9.45 for 10: Allcomers Social Pairs (f2f
  • Tuesday evening 7.00 for 7.15: Open Pairs (f2f)
  • Wednesday morning 9.45 for 10: Relaxed Pairs (online)
  • Wednesday morning 9.45 for 10: Assisted Play (f2f) *
  • Wednesday evening 6.45 for 7.00: Social Pairs (f2f)
  • Thursday morning 9.45 for 10.00: Relaxed Pairs (f2f)
  • Thursday evening 6.45 for 7.00: Open Pairs (online)

We also offer two teaching sessions: A Beginners' Course on Monday evenings and a Continuing Bridge Course on Monday afternoons.

* This session is designed for improvers and those wanting a 'reboot'.

For more information, see further down this page.

Bath Bridge Club, Registered Charity 1150133 
This evening's Open Pairs

Although there is a Wilts League match this evening, the Club will be open for tonight's Open Pairs Session as usual. Do come along.

Congratulations to ...
Congratulations to ...

... Pat Davies & James Dunlop, winners of the Pepys Trophy, held at the Club on an icy Tuesday 17 January.

Congratulations to ...
Congratulations to ...

... the Bath team (Roger Karn, Stuart Bridge, Andrew Parkes, Richard Samter, Susie Gall, Trevor Purches, John Treble & Chris Jones) who won the Wiltshire heat of the 2023 Garden Cities on Sunday 15 January. 

They will go on to the Regional Final in May.

Congratulations to ...
Congratulations to ...

... Roger Karn, Stuart Bridge, Susie Gall & Trevor Purches, who have just won this year's Wiltshire Knockout competition with a convincing win over the Sloan team (Keith Williamson, Kathy Hodgson, Roy France & Sam Sloan) on Wednesday 11 Jan.

We'd like to wish our members ...
We'd like to wish our members ...
... a very happy new year,
and remind you that your annual membership subscription of £15 is now due.

It's easiest for us if you pay by direct electronic payment. When paying your subscription, please change your reference to SUBS – then don't forget to change it back to your EBU No when later topping up your playing account.

If you are unable to use online banking, you can also pay:

  • by cheque  – payable to Bath Bridge Club, with your name on the back
  • in cash – in a clearly marked envelope.

Cash and cheques should be given either to Neil or to that evening's director.


Please renew your membership as soon as possible. Thanks!

A note on our session labels

Whereas in the past we've categorised our sessions with reference to NGS grades, we're now focusing more on the feel of the session.

Relaxed   (formerly 9 HIGH and Improvers): the name says it all!
Social   A bit more challenging than Relaxed. This is suitable for most of our members.
Open  A bit more challenging than Social

While members are free to attend whatever sessions they find suit them, all members are actively invited to play in our Allcomers Social Pairs at the club.

Face-to-face sessions @ Bath BC
Face-to-face sessions @ Bath BC

Allcomers Social Pairs  –  Tuesday 9.45 for 10 am  

24 boards – everyone welcome

Open Pairs  –  Tuesday 7.00 for 7.15 pm

26/27 boards – at the challenging end of social

Assisted Play  –  Wednesday 9.45 for 10.00 am

A learning session with 14 boards - more info here

Social Pairs  –  Wednesday 6.45 for 7.00 pm

24 boards – social but with a competitive edge

Relaxed Pairs  –  Thursday 9.45 for 10.00 am

up to 20 boards – for those wanting a more easy going session

Please arrive in good time – you will need your EBU number

Table money: £4 per player, payable IN ADVANCE please via our automatic 'float' payment system.
(Assisted Play £5, payable in cash)

Well played!

Allcomers Social Pairs f2f Tues 24 Jan
Marion Loudoun & Angie Gunning (1st NS)
Anne Spragge & Penny Ewing (1st EW)

Open Pairs f2f Tues 24 Jan
Paul Cooper & Marion Loudoun (1st)
Elaine Taylor & David Jacklin (2nd)

Social Pairs BBO Wed 25 Jan
Peter Cross & Robot (1st)
Jim Harvey & Suzanne Grist (2nd)

Social Pairs f2f Wed 25 Jan
Caroline Edmondson & Maurice Baker (1st)
Sheila Morton & Anne Spragge (2nd)

Relaxed Pairs f2f Thurs 26 Jan
Maureen Chapman & Sylvia Speirs (1st NS)
Phil Baxter & Maurice Baker (1st EW)

Open Pairs BBO 26 Jan
Keith Radmall & Gavin Bailey (1st NS)
Tina Cottee & Richard Samter (1st EW)

Bath Brunswick BBO Pairs Fri 6 January 
James Dunlop & Markus Görnemann (3rd)
Audrey Archer & Simon Horsmann (5th)

For Wilts results, click below

Coming up ...

Available on BBO ...

 FREE  Bath/Brunswick pairs – 1st and 3rd Fridays at 14.45 pm and Twinning Exchange in May 2023.

Games are played on BBO 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month*.  (*Next regular pairs game is 20th January).
Every fifth Friday we play Mixed Pairs; each Bath player is matched with a Brunswick player; (next Mixed Pairs is Friday 31st March). 
Once your names are registered with Brunswick (email you're eligible to play: 
Competitions>Free Tournaments>Pending>Knobeline.

EBU daily games

Competitive Pairs – 12 boards 4 times daily:
at 2.00, 3.30, 7.30 & 9.00 pm

+ a daily Fast Game at 12 noon

Relaxed Pairs – 12 boards daily at 11 am and 7.30 pm
open to players up to & incl NGS 9

Allcomers Social Pairs F2F
Director: Trevor
Scorer: Neil
230130 teachtake2
Director: Tina Cottee
Scorer: Neil
Relaxed Pairs F2F
Director: Jane A
Scorer: Neil
Director: Sriram
Social Pairs BBO
Director: Sriram
Assisted Play F2F
Director: Chris
Scorer: Chris
Malcolm Aveyard Cup F2F
Director: David T
Scorer: Neil
Tue 31st Jan 2023
Open Pairs F2F
7.00 for 7.15
Director: James
Scorer: Chris
Wed 1st Feb 2023
Assisted Play F2F
9.45 for 10
Director: Chris
Scorer: Chris
Wed 1st Feb 2023
Social Pairs BBO
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Jane
Wed 1st Feb 2023
Social Pairs F2F
6.45 for 7pm
Director: DaveT
Scorer: Neil
Thu 2nd Feb 2023
Relaxed Pairs F2F
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Andrew
Scorer: Neil
Thu 2nd Feb 2023
Open Pairs BBO
6.45 for 7 pm
Director: James
Tue 7th Feb 2023
Allcomers Social Pairs F2F
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Richard
Scorer: Neil