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Welcome to Bath Bridge Club

Bath Bridge Club, Oldfield Old Boys Rugby Club, Shaft Road, BA2 7HP 
Directions and a map link are on the Information page.

email  |  phone 01225 834135 (club hours only)

Playing bridge online

There are two major websites which allow you to watch, practise and play bridge online: these are Bridge Base Online and the EBU-affiliated Bridge Club Live. Signing up is easy – and either free or involving a very modest fee, depending on your needs. Various levels of competition are available, some with Masterpoints, and you can play with a regular partner or find a partner online. There are also plenty of practice opportunities that you can access alone. 

If you're interested, we recommend that you sign up for one or both of these sites and explore what's available. Playing online is a bit different from playing at a real table, so give it a try and familiarise yourselves with the way it all works, so you're ready for our online club events if/when they become available. Links are provided below.

In some ways, playing online is easier than normal bridge – see the article at the top of the page for one player's view.

We're also setting up a 'help team' of Bath BC members who can call you on request to talk you through any problems. Again, watch this space for details.

See you online!

Online EBU events on BBO

We think the best currently available online bridge for Bath BC members are the 12-board EBU matches on BBO. These run at 2.00 pm, 3.30 pm, 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm seven days a week. Sessions last 90 minutes. Most people prearrange a partner, but you can play with a robot (!) if you wish. Each session costs $1.50 per player, but BBO also host many other bridge games which are either free or cost just $1. To get started:

  • Sign up for BBO – use the link above to reach the website. Membership is free.
  • Purchase some credit in dollars – $20 will last you for a while.
  • Fix up a convention card with a partner. Haven't actually needed mine yet (I've played several times) but it's not difficult – see link below.
  • Get a feel for how it works: sit in on a game as kibitzer and/or chat to a Bath BC member who's familiar with BBO – email for the latter.
  • Take the plunge – register for an upcoming game – again, see below for details – and play.

The Andrew Robson Bridge Club has produced some short YouTube videos explaining how to set up on BBO. There are links to these directly below. Many thanks to the ARBC for sharing these with us.

Congratulations to last week's winners ...

These results pertain to our final week before closure, w/b 13 March 2020

Tues am Social Duplicate
David Haywood & William Coley
Diana & Bobby Payne

Tues eve Duplicate Pairs
John Treble & Richard Moore

Wed aft Duplicate Pairs
Helen Parkes & David Jacklin

Wed eve Social Duplicate
Marion Cowley & Nick Guinness
Stuart Jackson & Jane Alder

Thurs am Gentle Duplicate
Alastair & Pat Love

Thurs eve: Ecats Sim Pairs
Alastair Spence & Bill Nadel

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