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Welcome to Bath Bridge Club

Alan Reid

It is with great sadness that we report that Alan Reid has died after a long illness. As well as being a popular member of Bath BC, Alan was one of our regular directors and, until recently, our Treasurer. Some tributes from members:

"Bridge was a very important part of his life – he was good at encouraging less experienced players to take on new challenges to improve their confidence."

"He was always very helpful at the table – encouraging and constructive. He was prepared to play with you and teach you."

"He played bridge the way it should be played and faced his illness with both good humour and a remarkable sense of positivity."

"Over the decades I never heard Alan complain about anything. He faced the adverse odds in the same manner that he played bridge – always good humoured and optimistic of a successful outcome."

"Above all I think he would like to be remembered as remaining positive & cheerful in the face of his health challenges and that he continued to contribute to club and county for as long as he was physically able to do so."

We offer our deepest condolences to Alan's family. The funeral will be held in December.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Playing bridge online

There are two major websites which allow you to watch, practise and play bridge online: these are Bridge Base Online and the EBU-affiliated Bridge Club Live. Signing up is easy – and either free or involving a very modest fee, depending on your needs. Various levels of competition are available, some with Masterpoints, and you can play with a regular partner or find a partner online. There are also plenty of practice opportunities that you can access alone. 

If you're interested, we recommend that you sign up for one or both of these sites and explore what's available. Playing online is a bit different from playing at a real table, so give it a try and familiarise yourselves with the way it all works, so you're ready for our online club events if/when they become available. Links are provided below.

In some ways, playing online is easier than normal bridge – see the article at the top of the page for one player's view.

We're also setting up a 'help team' of Bath BC members who can call you on request to talk you through any problems. Again, watch this space for details.

See you online!

Daily EBU games on BBO

We think the best currently available online bridge for Bath BC members are the 12-board EBU matches on BBO. The more competitive of these run at 2.00 pm, 3.30 pm, 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm seven days a week. There is also a relaxed game, limited to players up to and including NGS 9, which runs at 11 am and 7.30 pm every day.

Sessions last 90 minutes. Most people prearrange a partner, but you can play with a robot (!) if you wish. Each session costs BB$2 per player, but BBO also host many other bridge games which are either free or cost just BB$1. To get started:

  • Sign up for BBO – use the link above to reach the website. Membership is free.
  • Purchase some credit in dollars – BB$20 will last you for a while.
  • (optional) Fix up a convention card with a partner. Alternatively, just tell each new set of opponents your basic system and make sure you 'self-alert' – see further down the page.
  • Get a feel for how it works: sit in on a game as kibitzer and/or chat to a Bath BC member who's familiar with BBO – email for the latter.
  • Take the plunge – register for an upcoming game – again, see below for details – and play.

The Andrew Robson Bridge Club has produced some short YouTube videos explaining how to set up on BBO. There are links to these directly below. Many thanks to the ARBC for sharing these with us.

To find an upcoming EBU game, choose Competitive, then put 'EBU' in the search box, and choose the game you want from the resulting list. You can then invite a partner (who should also be online) to play in the game, and either pay for both or go Dutch.

Well played!

Open Pairs Thurs 19 November
Steve Elliott & May Morgan-Jones (1st NS)
David Jacklin & Prabir Nandi (1st EW)

Social Pairs Wed 18 November
Judy Corson & Pam Carwardine (1st NS)
Janet Anderson & Liz Doyle (1st EW)

Improvers' Pairs Tues 17 November
Helen Schroeder & Suzanne Grist (1st NS)
Liz & Paddy Doyle (2nd EW)

Wilts Pairs Tues 17 November
Bill Lawrence & Anne Hall (1st NS)
Prabir Nandi & Pet van Praag (2nd NS)
Angie Gunning & Richard Gwyer (4th EW)

Wilts Pairs Sat 14th November
Coliin & Gayle Webb (1st NS)
Andrew Clarke & Tina Cottee (1st EW)

Bath Brunswick Pairs Fri 20 November
Mike Trevanion & Angela Gunning (1st)
Rose Rogers & Jane Portnall (5th)

Available on BBO ...

 FREE  Bath/Brunswick pairs – Fridays at 14.45 pm

Once your names are registered (email you're eligible to play: 
Competitions>Free Tournaments>Pending>Knobeline.

EBU daily games

Competitive Pairs – 12 boards 4 times daily:
at 2.00, 3.30, 7.30 & 9.00 pm

+ a daily Fast Game at 12 noon

Relaxed Pairs – 12 boards daily at 11 am and 7.30 pm
open to players up to & incl NGS 9

More info further down this page

Improvers' Pairs
Director: Jane
Co-director(s): Jane
Open Pairs
Director: Trevor
Co-director(s): Trevor Purches
Social Pairs
Director: Trevor
Improvers' Pairs
Director: James
Open Pairs
Director: Sriram
Social Pairs
Director: Richard
Co-director(s): Richard Samter
Wed 25th Nov 2020
Social Pairs
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Chris
Thu 26th Nov 2020
Open Pairs
6.45 for 7 pm
Director: Anne
Tue 1st Dec 2020
Improvers' Pairs
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Christine
Wed 2nd Dec 2020
Social Pairs
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Richard
Thu 3rd Dec 2020
Open Pairs
6.45 for 7 pm
Director: James
Tue 8th Dec 2020
Improvers' Pairs
9.45 for 10 am
Director: Jane