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If you are interested in joining us, would like to discuss teaching or have any other questions please contact our Club Chairman, at

21st February 2024
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 1pm
Director: John Fairhurst
Scorer: John F
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21st February 2024
Supervised Play
RealBridge 7pm
Director: David Lewis
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22nd February 2024
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 7.15pm
Director: John Glasscock
Scorer: John G
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Supervised Play 21st February
Supervised Play 21st February

Supervised Play Registration Form

Booking now closed

Due to an unusual shortage of available supervisors this time, we're not taking any more bookings beyond the 5 tables already booked.

If you would like to play these deals with supervision another time, and you have four players, please let David know and we will do our best.

Topic will be: Fourth Suit Forcing

This is a very useful convention when 3 suits have been bid and the destination is unclear. Bidding the 4th suit can hardly be natural just bid NT with the 4th suit well stopped so it is used when, stuck for a bid, a player wants to find out more from partner. A great convention because it occurs time and again, and a topic requested in the recent survey.