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2nd October 2023
Virtual Club Pairs
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Charles Nixon
Scorer: Robbie
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3rd October 2023
9 High Event
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: David Youll
Scorer: David Y
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3rd October 2023
Relaxed Bridge
Director: Malcolm Green
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Teaching - Supported Play
Teaching - Supported Play


Supported Play looks at the principles behind every bid you make and every card you play that will be applicable to your approach to every bridge hand. Get these right and your bridge will improve.

Guidance and explanations will be given after play in an interactive session about the -

Bidding – Opener and Responder bidding or competitive bidding explained

Declarer Play – What was your plan? What are the risks or dangers of the hand? Can I afford to go for an overtrick and not put the contract at risk?

Defence – What is my opening lead? Why? What do I signal as partner? Do I try and tell partner where my strengths are? How do I show my distribution? What do I need to watch out for in defence?

Basically whenever bidding or playing, you have options. What to bid and which card to play?

We will try to explain the best ways of making the best selections and arriving at the best contracts and what to look out for when working out a strategy in defence.

If a theme comes out of a session, we can always have a quick explanation the following time the supported play is held but the goal is not to bombard people with new conventions, more to consolidate the basic knowledge they have.

These sessions are charged at £4 per player per session.

These events are available to all club members, whether well established, just graduated from Fast Track, or other classes. All are welcome.

A partner is not essential. We will pair people up if needed.

The event will be played monthly.  Please book via the Calendar event.  After the event you will have the opportunity to play the cards again in the Supported Play Lounge online via RealBridge.  A link will be sent to you for this after the event.