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If you are interested in joining us, would like to discuss teaching or have any other questions please contact our Club Chairman, at

18th June 2024
9 High Teams (COMP)
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: David Youll
Scorer: David Y
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19th June 2024
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 1pm
Director: Brian Knight
Scorer: Brian
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19th June 2024
Beginners Course - last class
Maydene 9.30am
Director: John Fairhurst
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Bridge Chips Survey
Bridge & Chips Survey


We have been running B&C for almost 2 years and over that time it has changed a little.  Originally it was run to get people back to playing F2F after the Covid shut down at the club.  It has since migrated to being a social session available to all club members and played at a variety of local venues.  The aim of the session is for it to be relaxed and to give those attending the chance to socialise over a short lunch period.  It has always been advertised as an event that runs from around 10am to 3pm.  Perhaps now is a good time to ask for feedback on the format so that we can listen and act on the comments if appropriate.  Please take a few moments to give us your thoughts.

Please complete survey below.  This is aimed at people who have attended an event in the past but we also welcome views from others.

To maintain confidentiality, responses to this are not being shown at the moment.  Results of survey will be published at the end of the survey.