Basingstoke Bridge Club
a friendly club offering opportunities to learn as well as play
How to contact us

If you are interested in joining us, would like to discuss teaching or have any other questions please contact our Club Chairman, at

15th April 2024
Virtual Club Pairs
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: David Lewis
Scorer: David L
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15th April 2024
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 7.15pm
Director: Steve Woodward
Scorer: Steve
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16th April 2024
9 High Teams (COMP)
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Robbie Burns
Scorer: Robbie
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Playing Online
Playing Online

If you wish to play at a club event online please go to the event in the calendar and click on RealBridge login. This will take you straight to the login screen for the event. NB The RB login will only be available for events up to 10 days before the start.

If you wish to play in the social lounge, in ateams session for 8 players or would like to book a practice hands session please click on the appropriate item on the left hand blue menu under Playing Online. Only members can book these sessions.

Charges for these sessions will be shown in the Payments A/C tab in the Member's area.

Charges are:

Playing sessions - 2 members, 2.50 non members - charged to individual player once results are uploaded to the website

Social lounge - 1 per player charged to account of person playing.

Teams for 8 players - 1 per player charged to account of person playing.

Practice Hands - 2 per player charged to account of person playing.