Spade Heart  Diamond Club
20th June 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Director: George Collins
Host: partners available
21st June 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Steve Howell
Scorer: Stan Babb
Host: Danielle Sissingh
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18th Jun 2019 14:46 BST
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17th Jun 2019 14:30 BST
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11th Jun 2019 12:23 BST
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Find a partner
Find a partner

If you would like to leave a message or find a partner on this page, please enter the details below and your message. An example would be "I am looking for a partner to play with me next Friday 7th September"

Please note that any information such as email and telephone numbers will be viewable by all, so if you do not mind, go ahead...

You can ask people to reply in the "Members Only "area of the site and this will be private. Alternatively, people can reply on this page but remember - NOT PRIVATE.