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♠   ♣  Information on Session Results ♠   ♣ 

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22nd September 2021
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 1pm
Director: Jane R
Scorer: John F
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23rd September 2021
F2F Club Pairs
Maydene 7.30pm
Director: John F
Scorer: Chris D
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Club Teams Championship 2021
Club Teams Championship 2021

♠   ♣  Club Teams Championship 2021 ♠   ♣ 

The Club Teams Championship will be played over two sessions.  Anybody can play in any of the sessions, but to be eligible to win, all players need to be club members and they must play with the same team members in both sessions comprising the competition.

The team with the highest combined IMPs across both sessions will be the winners.

Please enter details of your team members below:


Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!