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25th January 2022
9 High Event
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Robbie
Scorer: Robbie
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26th January 2022
Virtual Club Pairs
RealBridge 1pm
Director: Malcolm
Scorer: Malcolm
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Xmas Party
Xmas Party

♠   ♣  Xmas Party 2021 ♠   ♣ 

Below is a form for you to register your intention to attend the Xmas Party on Weds 22nd December, 7pm at Chute Pavilion.  As always we welcome your contributions towards raffle prizes and food.  If anyone is unable to attend but still wants to make a contribution then please let Sam know on 07747 177743.

It would be really useful when offering to bring food, if you could indicate on the form what the food will be so that we don't have too many of the same item.  Sam advises that generally 75% of the food is savoury.

We will also need tables and bidding boxes so if you are able to bring any then please also indicate this on the form.

The cost of the party is £5 per person.  Click here to enter shop and pay  



Many thanks!