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16th May 2022
Virtual Club Pairs
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Martin C
Scorer: Martin C
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17th May 2022
9 High Teams
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Robbie
Scorer: Robbie
Spare Pair: Robbie
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Teaching - Topic Based Tutorials
Teaching - Topic Based Tutorials


The next series of topic-based tutorials are as below.   The training presentation and playing will be online.  These are aimed at intermediate level players.  Please register your interest on the form below ticking which sessions you would like to attend.

The charge for each of these tutorials is £5 per player.  Click here to go to shop.

Week Subject Date
1 Fourth Suit Forcing.  A commonly occurring convention in which a bid of the fourth suit asks partner to make another bid.  Keeps the bidding alive and may unearth a stop for NT, a fit or hidden strength Tbc
2 Checkback.  A commonly occurring convention used after opener makes a rebid of 1NT or 2NT.  Then 2C or 3C is used to see if opener has a 5 card major, 3 card support for responder's major or an undisclosed 4 card major  29th Nov 2021 - 2pm
3 Unassuming Cue Bid.  A commonly occurring convention to ask the strength of partner's overcall, with a view to reaching game if it's strong or keeping low if it's weak 1st Nov 2021
4 Options for Declarer.  Declarer has a choice of suits in which to develop an extra trick.  Sometimes it's possible to try one before falling back on the other.  At other times it's just a question of picking the better option tbc
5 Multi-Landy.  An artificial system of overcalls over an opponent's opening 1NT, mainly aimed at the major suits tbc


Unusual NT and Michaels Cue Bid.  Two suited overcalls.  The Unusual NT shows at least 5-5 in the lowest two unbid suits, whereas Michaels shows a different combination and again at least 5-5. 6th Dec 2021 - 2pm