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Teaching - Topic Based Tutorials
Teaching - Topic Based Tutorials




The Improvers are using the EBED Continuing Bridge ‘Green Book’ as the basis for lessons online on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. The format is a short lesson followed by 8 practice deals using RealBridge.

Chapter 4 of the Green Book is on Competitive Bidding and would make a suitable short course for other members who would like to join us for 5 sessions.   The places are limited to 6 people per session and the cost is £6 per sessionYOU DO NOT NEED A PARTNER.  Payment can be made through the shop as usual under Book Sessions - choosing the appropriate date.

The timetable and topics are as follows. The bidding sequences use the convention that a bid in brackets is made by the opponents of the partnership we are focusIng on.

Week 1

9th November

More Take-Out Doubles. Builds upon the familiar double such as (1) - X to consider later doubles such as (1) - P - (2) - X or (1) - X - (2) - X that are also for take-out. Also when opponents have bid two suits.

Green Book 4.1 and 4.2.

Week 2

16th  November

1NT Doubled. Suitable hands for 1NT doubled, which is always for penalties, and subsequent bids by opener’s partner and doubler’s partner. For auctions such as 1NT - (X) - 2, considers whether this is natural or artificial.

Green Book 4.3 and 4.8.

Week 3

30th November

Negative doubles. Doubles by responder. 1 - (1) - X is for take-out. Considers suitable hands, what it shows and an upper limit to the overcall before the double becomes for penalties.

Green Book 4.4.

Week 4

11th January

All change after double. Auctions such 1 - (X) - 2 and 1 - (X) - 3 that are weaker than without the double; 1 - ( X) - 2NT which is a good raise and 1 - (X) - XX  as a good hand without a fit.

Green Book 4.5.

This lesson was originally part of the Topics course in Spring 2021.

Week 5

25th January

Overcalls after 1NT. This looks at suitable hands for a natural overcall such as (1NT) - 2 and subsequent bids by opener’s partner such as 1NT - (2) - 2 or 1NT - (2) - X.

Green Book 4.6 and 4.7.


Please register below if you are interested in attending, stating which sessions you can attend.