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26th July 2021
Round Robin Teams
RealBridge 7.30pm
Director: John F
Scorer: John F
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27th July 2021
9 High Event
RealBridge 7.30pm
Director: Mike
Scorer: Mike
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Teams of Four Online
Teams of Four Online

♠   ♣ OnLine Teams of Four♠   ♣ 

I have set up an entry form on the Calendar (date April 30th) for teams  of 4 to enter a simple round robin competition which we can display on the website. This date is arbitrary, the plan being to start next week once the entires have all poured in! The weekly frequency will be dictated by the number of teams entering.

Dont forget the EBU Lockdown League, closing date tomorrow Friday 17th April at lunchtime. Dont be phased by this as you will be ranked with pairs of a similar NGS rating.

The format is 8 boards just against one pair of the opposing team, with matches being arranged every alternate day. The total matches to be played depend on the number of teams in your division. In the last session there were 168 teams spread amongst 12 divisions, meaning 13 matches to be arranged.

Link to enter this competition is

Thank you for those entires so far for the online SP. More details soon.

Best wishes