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14th May 2021
Supervised Play
RealBridge 10am
Director: John G
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15th May 2021
Social Lounge
RealBridge 1pm
Director: John G
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Teams of Four 2021
Teams of Four 2021

♠   Monthly Teams of Four Competition 2021  ♣ 


The next session in the club's monthly teams competition of 2021 will be on Monday 26th April at 7.30pm on RealBridge and will take place on the last Monday of each subsequent month. Could each team please fill in the details below:

Captain - please enter all your team members [you do not need to be the same team each month]

Captain and team members - go to the shop and purchase a ticket as usual

Publicising teams below will allow individuals or pairs to see with whom they could possibly team up 



Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!