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BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate

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The Club is running Virtual Basingstoke Club sessions on BBO.  They are currently on Mondays at 7:30pm, Wednesdays at 1:30pm, Thursdays at 7:30pm and alternate Fridays at 10:00am (check the calendar for details)  Here is a brief guide on how to join these sessions.

1.  You need to be a registered BBO user and your BBO Username has to be registered on the club BBO Account.  If you have registered your name on our club website for any session - (including Supervised Play) your name has been registered for you on BBO as a club member.  If this hasn't been done or you wish to check your status, you can log into your account on the club website and look at your personal details.  There is a field called BBO Username.  If that is correctly completed, you are registered.  If not, fill in this field and save the amendment.  Initially we restricted these sessions to Club members and their guests, but anybody wishing to play can contact the Club Secretary (John Glasscock 

2.  You will need to have BB$ in your BBO account as each session costs $3.  To purchase these use this link - This will avoid paying any surcharge that may be applied if you buy through an app on a tablet.

3.  Pairs can register online to play in a session up to 2 hours prior to the start of a session (preferably at least 20 minutes before the start of the session).  Both players need to be logged in to BBO at the same time to register.  One player should select 'Competitive' then 'All Tournaments' and in the search window on the top right type Basingstoke and the session will appear.  If you click on the session, the option to invite a partner to play with you will appear.  You type in their user name and 'invite'  Once your partner accepts, you are registered.  (Note that you have the option to pay for your partner at this stage).

4.  You can now log off and return 10 minutes before the session starts and wait in the lobby (do not enter the Casual area).  The session will automatically start when all players are online.  If there is a delay to the start somebody will be contacting the 'offline' player to see if they are joining. 

Sessions on Monday, Wednesday amd Thursday consist of 18 boards and 8 minutes per board is allowed for play (on the relaxed Friday sessions 15-16 boards are played with 9 minutes per board).  Once this time has expired the BBO robots will complete any outstanding play.  If everybody finishes before the alloted time, the move will happen early.  Most of these sessions will be 2 winner Mitchell movements and all tables play the same boards at the same time - so after the first round you can see how well you scored for the first set of boards after the round has completed. 

EBU master points are awarded and changes to NGS ratings are both in place for these sessions.  Separately there is a BB Master points scheme awarding points to people in the top 1/3 of their section. When you see a number against a BBO user name, this reflects their BBO points status.

There is sometimes a delay in the results being available to view and download on BBO which means that they may not get uploaded to the club website and the EBU until the following day.

We now have club Directors qualified to run these sessions.  If you need to call the Director during the session, this can be done through the 'blue hamburger' on the screen.

A couple of things to remember when playing on BBO - you should self alert any bid that isn't natural, including transfers and Stayman,  To do this you click on the alert button on the bidding box and type the description of your bid in the box to the right before making the bid.  Your opponents will see this message, but not your partner.  There is a chat box and this can be used to greet your opponents and congratulate (or commiserate) with them and your partner on the outcome of a board.

If you do not have a partner the club has set up a 'matching' service. To use this, contact the following:

Wednesdays - Bunny Leonard (01189 813657)

Thursdays - Sam Golding (07747 177743)

If you need any help with getting registered or becoming familiar with playing on BBO, you can contact either John Glasscock, John Fairhurst or Judy Coady.

John G (16-8-2020)