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David Lewis Improver Classes
7th May 2021 15:05 BST
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8th May 2021
Social Lounge
RealBridge 1pm
Director: John G
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9th May 2021
Social Lounge
RealBridge 1pm
Director: John G
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David Lewis Improver Classes
David Lewis Improvers Classes


Full details of the Improver Classes on offer are below.  Please complete the form to register for which classes you would like to attend.  There is a maximum of 16 for each class.  Classes will be weekly at 2pm starting on 26th April.

The classes are £4 for members and £5 for non-members.  You will need to go to the shop to pay for each session.  As the practice sessions will be run on RealBridge tickets for each class will not be available in the shop until 10 days before the event.  When available please click here to access the shop and book a session.


Date  Subject Week
26/4 Long Suit Game Tries. Once a suit is agreed, how to use holdings in a side suit to judge whether to bid game or stop in a part-score. More accurate than just asking if partner is top or bottom of the range shown so far. 1
3/5 All Change after Opponent’s Take-Out Double. The opponents reckon they have a fit somewhere, and it is up to you to make it difficult for them to find it. Some other bids change their meaning after a double too, so make sure you and partner have the same understandings. 2
10/5 Further Defence; Hold-Up Variations. Further Defence looks at understanding the meaning of the opening lead and maintaining defensive communications. Hold-Up Variations looks at whether to win or duck in no trump contracts. FULL 3
17/5 Newsletter Defence; Some Signalling. Newsletter Defence looks at trump promotions and safely working out what declarer holds, based on newsletter articles. Some Signalling addresses two signalling situations that are fairly universal regardless of the overall system played.  FULL 4
24/5 More Trump Promotions; Trump Tricks en passant. More Trump Promotions has chances for the defenders and for declarer. Trump Tricks en passant sees declarer stealing a trump trick with a lower trump by playing after a defender with a higher trump.  FULL 5
31/5 Finesse Fiesta. Studies in a single suit, starting with how to tackle some common holdings. Moves on and gets harder covering safety plays, the principle of restricted choice, deep finesses and intra-finesses.  FULL 6
7/6 Bidding Slams Part 1. Introducing three conventional methods for investigating or showing controls: simplified Roman Key Card Blackwood, Cue Bids and Splinter Bids.   7
14/6 Bidding Slams Part 2. Setting some guidelines to establish whether the values for a slam are present, before wheeling out the checks on controls from Part 1  8