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AGM 2023

Members please note this will be held at the club on 22nd March 2023 at 7 pm.  You will shortly receive a separate notice including a proposed new constitution for the club.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Please see Members Area for the minutes: 

Gaining access to the Members Area V2.pdf


Tips for countering disconnections
  1. Have you lost connection or just seeing your screen freeze? If a freeze, then if you are playing on a Windows PC (Desktop or laptop) then Refresh by pressing F5 (Do not reload the page, that will disconnect you from BBO). If your are playing on an iMac, Mac laptop or Mac-mini, then Command and R on the keyboard will also refresh. Once you have refreshed, then leave your seat and then re-enter.

  1. On an iPad or Android tablet, best to restart BBO.

  1. If all else fails, then restart BBO, find the tournament again and resume your seat.

  1. Is the Wi-Fi signal from your router adequately strong where you are sitting to play? Try moving as close as you can to the router.

  1. Is the router well positioned? Tempting as it is to place it behind books on your bookshelf so it is not visible, this is not a good idea. Any kind of concealment, such as behind a door or in a cupboard is a bad idea.

  1. Are you downloading a movie while playing? Streaming Netflix on another device in your home at the same time? Then you may be using too much bandwidth on your broadband connection.  Make sure there is no other download activity while you are playing.  Skype, Facetime, Zoom and other video calling apps may have the same impact.

  1. If Wi-Fi coverage in your home is patchy, then you can install Wi-Fi repeaters or the newer Wi-Fi Mesh systems?  Your broadband supplier can advise.  Amazon stock them.

  1. With a desktop or laptop, you can connect directly to your router with an ethernet connection and dispense with Wi-Fi while connected in this way.  Amazon stock them.

  1. Do you have a spare ADSL phone line filter?  Then try changing it for the one you currently have on your phone line.  Again, Amazon stock them.

  1. Connection still ‘iffy’?  Do you notice it when browsing the web generally? Or streaming Netflix or other services? Then it is probably the copper connection from the Openreach cabinet and your house.  You need to contact your Broadband supplier.

  1. If you have a 4G mobile phone, then you may be able to use it as a Wi-Fi hot spot and connect your computer/tablet to it while playing.  Remember to switch the hotspot off after you've finished on BBO or you will continue to download data via the phone and that may incur extra charges on your mobile phone account.