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Online Bridge
Director: Marj
Westmorland v Cumbria
Online Duplicate
Director: C Ward
Face to Face Bridge
Director: T Ward
Online Bridge
Director: T Ward
Relaxed Bridge
Director: Joan
Mon 5th Jun 2023
Face to Face
7 for 7:15
Director: M Postlethwaite
Tue 6th Jun 2023
Online Bridge
Register from 5pm, start 7pm
Director: TBA ?
Tue 6th Jun 2023
Relaxed Bridge
1:45 for 2pm
Director: J Shaw
Wed 7th Jun 2023
Host: Chris
Thu 8th Jun 2023
Face to Face Bridge
7pm for 7:15pm start
Director: T Ward
Fri 9th Jun 2023
Online Duplicate
Director: T Ward
Mon 12th Jun 2023
Online Bridge
Register from 11am, start 1pm
Director: TBA ?
Abbreviations used on BBO & BCL
Standard Abbreviations
Common abbreviations used in chatting
Abbreviation Explanations
:o) :) :))))) Smiles
:o(  :( Sad face
;) Wink
glp Good luck partner
gtp Good Try Partner
typ Thank you partner
tyo Thank you opponents
wdp Well done, partner
wpp Well played, partner
wpo Well played, opponents
blp Bad luck, partner
brb Be right back (usually said by dummy before going for a coffee!)
np No problem
lol Laughing out loud!
hee hee Laughter
rofl Rolling on the Floor Laughing
ttfn ta ta for now
Abbreviations used for discussing conventions and systems (these are a bit variable)
Abbreviation Explanations
wk NT weak No Trump (12-14)
str NT strong No Trump (15-17)
stay Stayman
wjo Weak Jump Overcalls
Neg dbls Negative (Sputnik) Doubles - shows unbid suits, and shortage in the opponents suit 
bw or bkwd Blackwood (Ordinary) 4NT Ace asking, 5C=0/4, 5D=1, 5H=2, 5S=3
RKCB Roman Keycard Blackwood - 4NT asking for nbr of 5 Keycards held (AAAA & K trumps) 5C=0/3, 5D=1/4, 5H=2 no Q, 5S=2+Q
McK McKenny discards UK (high card, you want the Higher suit; Low card, you want the lower suit)
Lav Lavinthal Discards US  (high card, you want the Higher suit; Low card, you want the lower suit)
UCBs Unassuming Cue Bids (bidding opponents suit usually showing support for partner and 10+ points)
rst Red suit transfers (eg over 1NT, 2D is transfer to 2H, 2H to 2S but 2S is quantitative- eg 11points if playing weak NT)
full xfers Full Transfers
dodds Discard even card is encouraging ; Discard odd card is discouraging and asks for the suit of the same colour.
unt Unusual NT (Showing 2 off 5 card suits, usually lowest unbid)
fsf Fourth Suit Forcing (Requesting partner decribe hand further,  often asking for a stop in suit for NT)