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AGM 2023

Members please note this will be held at the club on 22nd March 2023 at 7 pm.  You will shortly receive a separate notice including a proposed new constitution for the club.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Please see Members Area for the minutes: 

Gaining access to the Members Area V2.pdf


Paying for playing online
How much do I owe?

To see how much is Owed and Paid - BBO Outstanding Balances.pdf

Session Played by Month - Sessions Played



How much does it cost to play online

Barrow Bridge Club runs 3 sessions a week on BBO.  Each session costs £3.00 per player.  However - Please don't buy BBO$ as the club is invoiced directly - see below on how to pay.

The sessions are run by an EBU Director and Master Points are awarded.

You need to register with your partner.  However, please advise Christine Ward if you intend to play as your BBO alias (logon) needs to be added to the EBU Directors play list.  (required only the first time you play)

   Monday   1pm - 3:30pm  (Registration is between 11:15am & 12:30pm)

   Tuesday 7pm - 9:30pm  (Registration is between 17:15am & 18:30pm)

   Friday   1pm - 3.30pm  (Registration is between 11:15am & 12:30pm)

To register for the Barrow Game:

Both players need to be logged on at the same time to register.

Competitive, All Tournaments, search for Barrow. Search is available on the top right

Click Barrow

Click on Register, type in your partners alias, and click Invite.

Log Off, come back 10 minutes before 1pm and wait for the tournament to begin.  If you’re last minute – you may miss the start.  Some cut it very fine!!!  - please ensure you are logged on – if you have been sat there a while BBO will have logged you out – unbeknown to you.

Please DO NOT click Casual when you are waiting for the tournament to start – The server won’t ‘See’ you, and you will miss the start.  If you have been in the Casual area – log off, and log back on again and wait well before 1pm.  (You are automatically in the Competitive area when you log on)

Making a Payment


Please don’t let your outstanding bill be in excess of £20; there are 3 Options to pay:

  1. Bank Transfer to Barrow Bridge Club sort code 01-00-61  Acc 20514247 – add your name as reference
  1. PayPal - please contact a committee member regarding where to send it.
  1. Cheque made payable to Barrow Bridge Club, and sent to:

Barrow Bridge Club

1A Drake Street

Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 5RG