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Please send your questions to Dale MacKenzie. (

You can also find a list of the board executive members under the Club Information section above to contact as well.  We will strive to answer all questions in a timely manner.


Barrie Bridge Club News

All Barrie Bridge Club Members that wish to obtain a copy of the current telephone list please contact Maggie Sparrow at  

Our new executive for 2020 has been confirmed:

President: John Montgomery

Vice-President: Mary Ellen Dale

Treasurer: Evelyn Caroline

Club Manager: Dale MacKenzie

Chief Games Director: Dale MacKenzie

Member at Large: Gary Hesson

Social Director: Becky Dziurda

Secretary: Betty MacMillan

Novice Convenor: Reet Skelton


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Pages viewed in 2019
The Rules of Bridge


Ever wish someone would explain the Rules of Bridge and Director Calls in a simple to follow summary.  Wait no longer.  All the mysteries of lead out of turn and insufficient bids are explained in an easy to follow guide.  Perfect for those wishing to take the Directors Exam and direct future Bridge games.  Ideal for those just wishing to know how to play the game properly.  Recommended reading for all players at our club!